Project Manager, Volunteer Recruitment

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Heart Tutoring recruits and supports volunteers as tutors in high-poverty elementary schools with a mission of ensuring that all elementary students develop the strong foundation in math and enthusiasm for academics needed for long-term success. Almost sixty percent of economically disadvantaged students in Charlotte are not performing on grade level in math. Volunteer tutors are a powerful resource for addressing this, if given the right tools and support.

The program became a 501c3 nonprofit in July 2014 and supported 1,080 volunteer tutors across 22 school sites in Charlotte, NC in the most recent program year. To date, 98% of Heart Tutoring students have met program growth goals in math and ~90% of teachers report that students show an increase in enthusiasm and/or confidence towards academics as a result of the program. Visit for more information. We believe the program model is a good fit for up to 35-40 Charlotte schools and would be effective in other geographies. We are excited to add a new member to the team as the organization enters its next phases!

In its first 6 years of operation, Heart Tutoring has built many successful strategies and processes for volunteer recruitment. Partner organizations and individuals have generously come together to provide volunteer-delivered tutoring to over 1,000 students 22 school sites in the most recent school year. Now with a larger staff and volunteer base, additional support is needed to manage volunteer recruitment efforts.

The Project Manager, Volunteer Recruitment will work individually and with others to ensure Heart Math Tutoring has the volunteers needed to serve students in 22-23 schools throughout the 2019/20 school year while preparing for service in 35-40 schools within the next 3 years.

Project Manage Volunteer Recruitment
• Conception and initiation of plan. Leverage and evaluate current strategies. Seek out and incorporate new ideas and best practices.
• Draft a winning plan (incorporate feedback, new ideas, etc.) – including operational/tactical details needed for successful execution.
• Oversee execution and make adjustments as needed, including; organize and manage team members regarding their volunteer recruitment responsibilities, organize, manage and lead volunteer helpers and recruit additional volunteer help, as needed (Community Relations Committee, volunteer ambassadors, board volunteer recruitment committee, etc.), ensure processes and systems are well-functioning and support communications functions (working with PR firm, Executive Director, Development Director) as relates to the volunteer recruitment plan.
• Monitor the plan and report to constituents, including board committee.
• Closeout the project with learnings and documents needed.
Be a key player in volunteer recruitment, as dictated by the plan and role capacity
• Set and meet individual recruitment goals, including; identity, make pitches to and build relationships with organizations that partner with Heart to provide volunteer tutors.
• Recruit new tutors.  Identify leads, make asks and build relationships to recruit tutors for students.
• Provide visibility in the community for Heart Tutoring by joining assigned membership and networking groups and attending meetings/events, according to recruitment plan.
• Teach teammates winning recruitment strategies. Work with teammates in dual coverage models for organization outreach.
Serve as a Program Coordinator in Year 1 (18-20 hours per week, mid-August through late May)
• Longer-term, duties would likely expand to managing other volunteer-related functions: Tutor Retention Plan (recognition, gratitude, impact information), Training and Communications Plan (includes Orientation). Including; conception and initiation of project needs, collaborate with program team and others to identify and support needs, planning, execution, monitoring and closeout of projects (this includes events).
• Directly manage a part-time Volunteer Recruiter (~50% of an FTE’s time during school year; 100% of time in the summer).
• Directly manage hourly paid staff in Volunteer Support functions, as prescribed and budgeted in volunteer recruitment planning (30% of Business Ops Mgr currently in place to support tutor signups from August – October. Other hourly support is available via part time staff.).
• Organize and laterally manage the volunteer recruitment efforts of 8 additional FTEs (heavy time allocations in the summer, with opportunity for continued efforts).
• Community Relations Committee – currently consists of young professional volunteers.
• Board of Directors Volunteer Recruitment Committee.
• Oversee Tutor signups and placements process
• Create long-term plans for volunteer recruitment in support of program growth.
• Analyze trends and identify needs related to volunteer recruitment, retention, efficacy and satisfaction.
• Actively seek out best practices, new ideas and resources from other orgs and sectors.

Key position targets:
• Through your management of staff (directly and laterally) and volunteers and through your own efforts, Heart Tutoring secures 100% of signups needed to serve 1,150 students by October 1, 2019.
• Through your management of staff (directly and laterally) and volunteers and through your own efforts, Heart Tutoring achieves a 95% fill rate during the year (measured 12/1, 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, 4/1, 5/1).
• Set and achieve your individual outreach and recruitment goals.
• Through your planning and leadership, 60% of volunteers return from one year to the next.
• Support various other Organization key goals.

Ideal candidate:
• Operates with passion and sense of urgency in helping each child reach his/her full potential.
• Holds strong belief that all students can learn and ultimately perform at or above grade level.
• Values volunteerism.
• Successful experience with and knowledge of project management best practices.
• Successful experience with and knowledge of volunteer recruitment best practices.
• Track record of learning quickly, finding and incorporating new resources and ideas and bringing creative, solutions-oriented ideas to fruition.
• Track record of building systems and processes, entrepreneurial spirit.
• Track record of working multiple constituents and managing others (directly or laterally).
• Demonstrated leadership and teambuilding skills. Preferably, strong public speaking skills.
• Believes in importance of data and attention to detail and is highly organized and efficient.
• Believes that a strong foundation in math is critical to a person’s success and opportunities.
• Desires to work with elementary-aged students.
• Interested in working in a startup organization, which requires planning and strategy in addition to flexibility and initiative in a fast pace environment.

Other details:
Some evening and early morning work may be required based on timing of community networking events, partner organization meetings (e.g., faith groups on weekends) and Heart Tutoring programming. Our strategy is to work collaboratively and proactively to establish a sustainable schedule, responsive to variation in season and priorities and flexible when possible for remote vs. in-person work. We have a fast-paced environment and this role is full time, which means to typically expect a ~40 hour work week, flexing to about 45+ during busiest seasons.

• Compensation is commensurate with experience. For a full-time role, compensation includes 90% coverage of healthcare premiums and 3% match on 401k.

Heart Math Tutoring actively engages individuals from all backgrounds. We believe that our differences make our team stronger and we also know that our students benefit from working with adults from all backgrounds. As an equal opportunity employer, Heart Math Tutoring is committed to providing employment opportunities to all qualified individuals and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, marital status, veteran status, pregnancy, parental status, genetic information or characteristics, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.

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