Have you seen that “Big Green K” around town? Here’s why I’m using them for my own home.

Have you seen that “Big Green K” around town? Here’s why I’m using them for my own home.
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This paid content was created in partnership with Killingsworth Environmental.

I’ve lived in my house for about two years now, and I love it.

I love the fact that we have trees and woods right behind the house, and how much green I see when I look out the back window every morning.


One thing I do not love – dealing with home ownership woes like pest control.

When I was living the apartment life, I would just shoot a note to the property manager if we had a pest problem. But what do you do when you become the property manager?

I’m thankful Killingsworth Environmental offers a pest subscription service so that I can basically recreate that apartment-style, no-fuss experience when it comes to pest issues.

This way, I don’t have to worry about paying for treatments over and over anytime a new pest comes up with the changes in season.

After one summer in our house, I knew that cockroaches and ants in the summer would be our biggest pain points, and Killingsworth was 100% on top of it. They started with an initial treatment, both interior and exterior. They took down webs, implemented a general pest treatment in every room, and even cleared out our crawl space to make sure we were covered from the ground up.

Now, if I spot any new critters around, all I have to do is give them a call and they’ll take care of it, stat.

Here are three things I loved about working with Killingsworth:

(1) Major convenience + the highest level of service.

For my initial Killingsworth treatment, I blocked off time at home and was prepared for a full-on fumigation. Instead, the Killingsworth crew was super nice and told me I could keep working where I was, no problem. We kept my dogs inside for about 30 minutes and after that they were back to regular programming. Easy peasy.

(2) Killingsworth understands that it’s our loved ones in our home that matter the most.

What does it matter if I have a pest-free home if chemicals are going to negatively affect my toddler or my two fur-babies? They eased all of my concerns with their safe and environmentally friendly treatment strategies.

(3) They are all in on making Charlotte the best city it can be.

The company was started right here in Indian Trail by a husband and wife duo, and now they’re an industry leader. I love supporting that kind of homegrown success.

The Killingsworth pros were only slightly weirded out by my selfie request, 🙂

Whatever you’ve got on your to-do list, Killingsworth can help you get it done.

They offer a ton of different services, like pest control, lawn care, attic insulation, crawlspace encapsulation and more – all with environmentally friendly products.

Next up for us? Lawn care + mosquito control. Summer, here we come.

Here are the deets on the pest control subscription deal, especially for Agenda readers:

The down payment, which includes the first month, starts as low as $168 (it varies depending on home square footage) and monthly charges are as low as $28.

A monthly subscription with Killingsworth includes:

▸ Initial treatment of interior and exterior of home

▸ Includes 1/4 yard spray to knock down pests before they access the home

▸ Courtesy re-services completed upon request for live activity at no additional charge

**Price may vary with square feet of the home (~$4 per additional 1,000 sq ft above a 2,000 sq ft home). Initial Fee & Annual Commitment required at time of initial service.

Head over to Killingsworth to set up your free inspection and claim the deal. 

This paid content was created in partnership with Killingsworth Environmental.

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