Strong burger sales lead The Crunkleton to launch two massive new burgers — one with crab on top

Strong burger sales lead The Crunkleton to launch two massive new burgers — one with crab on top
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You know The Crunkleton for their cocktails, but the “Crunkleton Burger” has been flying off the wooden hearth. So they decided to grow their burger offerings and added two more burgers to the menu.

Now that the initial stress of opening the hottest new concept in Charlotte is behind them, The Crunkleton is starting to evolve their food and drink menu. Step one: Build on strong burger sales by debuting two new monster burgers.

“I think the quality meat we use makes the burger delicious,” said co-owner Gary Crunkleton. “I do the double burger with fried egg. I’m old enough to remember when America meant hot dogs and apple pie. Now, I think of her as burgers and beer.”

Original burger: Ranked #5 best burger in Charlotte, the original “Crunkleton Burger” is topped with cheese, lettuce, pickles and house-made Crunkleton sauce served with fries.

New Proper “All the Way” Burger: Two 1/3 pound brisket, short rib and chuck house-made patties topped with four slices of American cheese, four strips of Beelers Bacon, Urban Gourmet Farms wild mushrooms, Middle Ground Farm duck egg, lettuce onion and secret sauce on a brioche bun.

New CLT (crab, lettuce, tomato) Burger: Local North Carolina soft-shell crab and hushpuppy tempura fried on top of their house burger patty with onion, cheese, Barbee Farm tomatoes, Middle Ground Farms butter bibb lettuce, secret sauce and remoulade.

What’s next: Look for The Crunkleton to release an updated menu over the next few weeks, debut new patio seating and roll out a serious collection of fancy antique spirits. Don’t forget: they now takes reservations on Resy.

Neighbors: It’s fascinating and fun that Charlotte’s #1 burger (The Stanley), #2 burger (Bang Bang) and #5 burger (Crunkleton) are all within a hundred yards of each other on the corner of Pecan and 7th in the Elizabeth neighborhood.

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The original Crunkleton Burger

burger with crab-at-crunkleton-charlotte

CLT (crab, lettuce tomato) Burger


Proper “All the Way” Burger



The Crunkleton’s 36 oz. dry-aged tomahawk ribeye is also selling very well

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