How to spend 90 minutes at 7th Street Public Market like a pro

How to spend 90 minutes at 7th Street Public Market like a pro
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I love 7th Street Public Market.

It started with an addiction to the coffee shop, Not Just Coffee, but quickly grew to a love for other vendors in the BOA owned and leased building.

The whole market creates a sense of community. But you can act you like you own the joint with just a few pointers.

(1) Park like a market pro

If you are like me and don’t work uptown, park in the 7th Street deck and validate inside the market. The first 90 minutes are free. It’s a self-validate situation, so don’t forget to validate because paying for parking isn’t any fun!


(2) Eat & drink like a market pro

Now that you are here – choose your own adventure.

Want Coffee? Check out Not Just Coffee who surprisingly doesn’t offer a load of other options. Their coffee is ON POINT.  Order a latte, fork over your $4.00 (plus tip of course), and let them do some coffee magic.

They even give a big dude like me the heart treatment.



Wine? Yes. Check out the wine shop Assorted Table. They offer a range of reds, whites, blushes and bubbles at every price point.

Did you say Cheese? Orrman’s Cheese Shop is located in the center of the market. Owner Rachel Klebaur was there and showed me around her small but incredibly diverse shop (just opened a 2nd in Raleigh). Why not get a grilled cheese sandwich? They are amazing and just like grandma made when you were a kid.

The oldest cheese she currently has in stock is a 4 year old Gouda. Ahh…did you ask for samples? Yep – Orrman’s has something to sample at all times.


If cheese is not your primary motivator (and why not), then check out Pure Pizza. The pizza stand is located right next to the cheese shop. I LOVE their Caprese sandwich. It’s amazing. It’s the bread. You MUST TRY. For a shop that pushes out great pizza they can make this guy love a meatless sandwich. And good news Plaza Midwood residents, their new shop is opening mid to late June right down from the Harris Teeter off of Central Blvd.

Not feeling cheese or a pizza? That’s cool. You can grab sushi from Bonsai Fusion, a sweet or savory crepe from Hazelnuts Creperie or a selection from Local Loaf (which has fresh baked bread and amazing sandwiches).

Ok you’ve ordered your food.

(3) Sit like a market pro

Tables are communal and first come first serve. Just grab a seat, make a new friend and enjoy your dining or coffee choices.


Or sit outside

7th street Outdoor-Sitting

(3a) Work like a market pro

7th Street Public Market has a ‘Work Zone’ located behind the wine shop. It’s an easy place to plug in, meet a client or knock out some work.

7th street market work-zone

(4) Drink like a market pro

If it’s after work or you’re drinking during (no judging here) check out Tank’s Tap. Tank’s Tap has a totally local draught beer selection.


(5) Devour dessert like a market pro

If you didn’t eat lunch at Hazelnuts Creperie then you can certainly eat dessert from there or check out Cloud 9 Confections. They have ice cream or my favorite the $3.40 Sinful Brownie (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Oreo and Caramel all wrapped in a Brownie…Feel that workout the next day!!!) It’s worth it.

(6) Grab meat and tea to go like a market pro

What’s your Beef? has a location in the market – but not for long. They are moving soon. Apparently picking up meat on your lunch break isn’t working out as well as planned. But not to fear, David Johnson the 7th Street Public Market’s Operation Manager, says there’s a lot of interest in the current footage occupied by the butcher shop.

Incidentally, the oddest request the butcher shop has had for their all locally sourced meat – Kangaroo. Yep – the hopping kind.

7th street market butcher

You can also check out Viva Raw for fresh juices that cleanse the soul, Zia Pia, or Charlotte Tea and Spice.

The Market also host chef demonstrations and can be closed for private events. Check their website for potential closing.

The Market is generally open: Monday-Thursday 7 am-7 pm, Friday 7 am-8 pm, Saturday 8:30 am-8 pm, and Sunday 9 am-5 pm.

(7) Leave (within 90 minutes for free parking) like a market pro

If you go over your allotted 90 minutes of free parking time you are subject to deck rates, so I always make sure I’m out in time.

Come back again because now you can act like you own the joint.

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