Charlotte’s #1 fave selfie spot may be in danger, so I want to investigate

Charlotte’s #1 fave selfie spot may be in danger, so I want to investigate
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A great selfie mural is an important part of being a city full of young people. Nashville has that WhatLiftsYou mural you see on every girl’s Bumble profile. Austin has the “i love you so much.” scrawled outside of Jo’s Coffee.

Here in Charlotte, we’ve got the mural on the former Solstice. It’s not uncommon for a line to form in front of the mural on sunny weekends. That’s how popular the spot is.

noda-solstice-selfie-mural 3

Hop in line this weekend. 3221 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

I’ve seen everyone from parents with young kids to high school aged emos to fashion influencers queue up for their turn in front of the spiral mural.

The piece is titled The Fibonacci, and refers to the “golden ratio.”

I don’t know anything about math, but according to Wikipedia, the Fibonacci number is a sequence in which each number is the sum of the previous two numbers before it (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.).

Expressed geometrically, it forms a spiral pattern. The sequence is said to have certain divine properties, as it appears in nature in everything from microbes to flowers to hurricanes.


I called up the artist Jonay di Ragno and he told me he’d always heard the Fibonacci had a certain irresistible magnetic charm, and he made the piece to “test the potential power of Fibonacci.”

Welp, it’s powerful alright. The piece has gone local viral as the sickest selfie spot in the city.

I think it has something to do with the colors. Di Ragno told me he’s known in the Charlotte art community for his use of colors. The neighborhood’s second most popular selfie wall, Pop Bar’s purple wall, looks plain in comparison to Fibonacci’s swirling yellows, pinks, blues, and whites.

It really makes you pop, or makes your products pop, as I was told by one handbag designer taking photos for her online store.

solstice-selfie-wall 3

“What makes this wall so special?” I asked these high school students. “Uhhh we dunno,” they responded. Riveting.

solstice-selfie-wall 5

“Do you mind if I take a photo of you?” I asked. “Sure, just mention my online store,” she said. It’s

Not even I couldn’t resist the allure of Fibonacci. No lie, it became the most liked photo of the history of my Instagram.

solstice-selfie-wall 4

How many different styles of distressed clothing can I wear at once? Current record is three.

But all is not well in Fibonacci land.

Solstice Tavern commissioned the piece, but Solstice closed. A new casual America restaurant from the Mason Jar Group named The District will take its place.

But what about the mural?

In a statement to the Agneda, the new owners said:

“Mason Jar Group loves the idea of local Charlotte art, especially murals. We already have murals that can be seen in 204 North Kitchen and Cocktails and TILT on Trade. We are currently awaiting reports from our engineers regarding the structural integrity of the building, which will determine the amount of work required and if the current mural will be kept. Should we need to make changes to the structure, we have a contingency plan to replace the mural with a more local Charlotte/NoDa proud piece.”

Looks like the fate of The Fibonacci is in the hands of a structural engineer who will be in the thoughts and prayers of photogenic millennials.

In the meantime, look for selfie lines to be even longer for this NoDa mural — because the only thing that mashes more Instagram likes than a selfie in front of The Fibonacci is a selfie in front of the Fibonacci mural selfie just days before it’s demise with a caption hating on development.

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