Here’s how to get into South End’s new password-protected speakeasy

Here’s how to get into South End’s new password-protected speakeasy
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South End welcomed a sneaky new speakeasy this week and you’ll need a password to get in.

Room 1812, a prohibition-style craft cocktail lounge, is located below The Manchester near East/West Station. You’ll find both at 1812 South Boulevard.

It’s a small, dark space with ornate gold ceilings, lounge seating and a central bar you can access from all sides.

This is very much a show bar with some performative cocktail prep going on, the kind of place where the making of your drink is as much a part of the experience as drinking your drink. Crushed ice, for example, is made by dropping a block of ice in a bag and whacking it with a wooden mallet.


The menu is dense with full paragraph descriptions detailing the origins of about 20 classic cocktails priced $12-$20.

The Double Smoked Agave Old Fashioned is a unique spin on the traditional bourbon cocktail made instead with mezcal, agave nectar, angostura bitters and orange peel and then infused with hickory smoke.

The QC Sour – a frothy, colorful mix of Blade & Bow bourbon, sugar, lemon and egg white – is topped with a red wine float, making it the most photogenic of the three I checked out.

And The Wolf is Room 1812’s take on a Moscow Mule with Absolut Lime vodka, fresh lime juice, ginger beer and a rotating seasonal flavored syrup. This is one that comes with the mallet-whacking crushed ice production.

Here’s how to get into Room 1812:

Allow me to ruin the fun of figuring it out on your own. It’s my job.

Figure out the password – Follow @room_1812 on Instagram for the daily password drop.

Look for a wooden door on the back side of the building – It’s behind a fence under a red awning.

Ring the bell – A bartender will pick up and ask for the password. State it exactly as written. They take it seriously. The day I went it was a full phrase, not a word and I kept messing it up. I was there specifically for coverage for this story and had already been inside they wouldn’t even let me back in if I said it wrong. Get it right.

Walk down a long, dark hallway and you’re in – You made it.

Bonus entrance: Order dessert at The Manchester – If you’re upstairs at the restaurant and order dessert or after dinner drinks, your server will escort you through a hidden door down to Room 1812 to finish up your meal there.

Room 1812 is open Monday through Saturday at 5 p.m.

And on the weekends they’ll have a DJ spinning from a makeshift jail cell booth.

Be sure to follow on Instagram to catch the daily password and, uh, don’t tell anyone I told you.

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