Senior Full-Stack Web Developer

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TIP creates awesome products that live on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. These amazing and beautiful platforms help to transform people’s lives to produce a memorable connection to a product or service that grows over time. We get to build world-class platforms with our minds that grant amazing superpowers to our clients and their consumers. We’re geeky, creative, techy as all get out and inspiring.

For the past 25 years, there has been an exciting demand for what we do. Partly because we only do custom work, partly because we are really good at what we do and partly because we’re passionate about making the world smarter and friendlier. This is a full-time role in our Charlotte office that overlooks our amazing city. If you’re interested in playing the role in accelerating user growth, please read on.

Magical things you’ll be doing:
• Working with MVC frameworks such as Django or Laravel is a huge plus. We have several ongoing projects built with the Django framework and hope to use Laravel in the future.
• Development on WordPress themes and custom plugins, including for some websites that use WooCommerce. If you’ve built a WordPress theme or written custom hooks, then you should be able to jump into most of these projects. If you have authored your own plugin, even better.
• Using frontend build systems such as Grunt, Gulp or NPM is helpful. Most of our projects use one to compile SCSS into minified CSS and to compile and minify JavaScript.
• Using CSS flexbox (and other modern features like CSS Grid).
• Having some interest in any JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React or Vue is a plus.
• Having some knowledge of virtual machine technology (what it is, how it differs from physical equipment) and experience working with VMs on the various Cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, etc.) as well as other Cloud-provided services such as Amazon S3/RDS is beneficial.
• Having some knowledge of implementing and maintaining service automation using Docker and Docker Compose for new/existing projects and servers. Having the ability to contribute with automated remote deployments to development, staging and production environments would be a huge plus.
• Having some familiarity with test-driven development fundamentals and experience with writing automated tests to cover new code that you’ve written as well as improving code coverage on pre-existing code.
The devil in the details of your role.
• Create strategies to feed hungry clients’ needs and move them into futuristic digital transformation.
• Guide our client’s customers on a brand-driven journey of seeing, thinking, doing and loyalty.
• Dream of new technological ideas to uncover more customers for our clients.
• Team up with our creatives, marketers and our senior team to generate greatness for our clients.
• Expand your comfort zones to embrace the new tools and software you haven’t been exposed to.
• Meet and greet with clients to strategize, visualize and expand their opportunities.

Why we need you:
• A large part of our daily mission is beyond coding…it’s brainpower, thinking of ways to do what we do better, how can we be more efficient, how can we add that extra 1% that makes the difference between delivering a good project and great project.
• We are responsible for a customer’s journey from the first time they see a product or service, through the just-in-time experience. It’s the strategy, research, creativity, functionality, data and analytics.
• The technology that we produce for our clients must be perfect, instantly-accessible and immediately gratifying. We need your new ideas, technical wizardry and persistence to continue to achieve greatness.
• With your help and experience, we can move mountains. And have a lot of fun doing it.

Things you need to bring with you:
• Strong development skills in an object-oriented language such as PHP or Python. Knowledge of common object-oriented principles such as classes, objects, inheritance and encapsulation.
• Ability to write clean and well-documented code that can be easily picked up by another developer
• Experience with common database principles such as inserts/updates, deletes, subqueries and joins as well as the having the know-how to import/export entire databases and write reversible database migrations.
• Has experience integrating with modern/legacy REST/SOAP API systems as well as developing /maintaining internal APIs used during development.
• Has used version control (git) for maintaining projects and is familiar with common principles such as fetching, pushing/pulling, pull requests and merging with possible conflicts.
• Comfort in navigating the Linux terminal and connecting to remote servers. Familiarity with permissions/ownership, starting/stopping services, shell scripting, auditing logs, etc.
• Is proficient with writing JavaScript, writing AJAX requests and handling JSON data, binding events, using plugins and other common frontend tasks. Can design reusable and modular code and work with objects.
• Can write semantic HTML and knows CSS. You should also know how to use media queries and understand mobile-first responsive development.

How we will take care of you:
• Awesome salary – we pay great salaries for great people.
• Full health insurance – we pay 100% of your health insurance.
• Paid vacations from day 1 – you get 12 paid days off your first year to clear your mind and stretch your limbs. There’s more after that.
• Multiple company vacation days – let’s say that we like to take time off as a company throughout the year. Like we close the week of July 4 and from Christmas through New Year’s and several other times during the year, including company-paid holidays.
• Work-life balance is tilted in your favor – with all of these days off, who wouldn’t be happy! Plus we keep our work within normal reasonable hours from Monday to Friday.
• All Mac laptops – hey, we’re creative and techy. We love new technology, new platforms, new tools and new shiny things.
• Standing, sitting, perching and lounging workspace – we just bought all new workspace furnishings, gizmos and tech.
• Gorgeous modern loft offices – we’re in the Carolina School Supply Building just 2 blocks from BOA Stadium. We’re so close that we can hear Sir Purr purr.
• Winning culture – we’re 25 years old and we love to win. We’re quirky, funny, amazing and talented. Our clients love us.
• Grow into digital transformation – yep, it’s the next big thing and we’re ahead of the pack by a long shot. Learn first-hand as we do. Exciting.
• Shared job profits – yep, we’re that generous, but we believe that you should share in the job profits if you helped get us there.
• Supportive and caring team – we hope that you will like working with us as much as we like working with us.
• Team dining experiences – ok, we like to eat out as a group and the company pays for it.
• Continued learning – we encourage you to grow your career, so we’ll pay for you to learn new things that we want to do.
• Mentoring – our senior people know a thing or two about a thing or two. We’ll empower you to move out of your comfort zone so you can grow up to be just like them. Plus, you can teach us a thing or two as well.
• Every person we hire is very important to all of us at TIP. In fact, we all take part in the hiring process. It’s a team effort on everything we do.

We are an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity.

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