If you work Uptown, why would you *not* go to Pearl.?

If you work Uptown, why would you *not* go to Pearl.?
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This paid content was created in partnership with Pearl. Dentistry Reimagined.

It struck me the other day after I left my first ever appointment at Pearl.:

If you’re like many young professionals in Charlotte who have access to dental insurance and work Uptown, why on earth would you go anywhere other than Pearl.?


Pearl. Dentistry Reimagined is known for doing things differently. From the moment you see their sleek, well-designed office, it looks super high end. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was definitely thinking it would be super expensive to go there.

Well – I was wrong. I’m lucky enough to have dental insurance, so my two annual cleanings are covered, and other services are affordable and in-network. (They even offer a 20% discount to non-insurance patients.)

So… why would I not go somewhere that feels like a break from my workday instead of somewhere that, well, pales in comparison?

Here are 7 things that set the Pearl. experience apart:

(1) It smells like a spa.

Simple, I know, but it’s the little details that take an experience like going to the dentist from something you have to do to something that feels like a workday mini-vacay.

Photo by Laura Sumrak

(2) They are psychos about short waits.

The Pearl. team knows that their busy, professional patients do not want to sit around during the day, and take it seriously. I arrived for my appointment a few minutes early to get settled in and they offered me a beverage, but I had barely popped open my Diet Coke when they called me back.

(3) Nerdy tech upgrades.

Besides the fact that I have the worst handwriting of anyone I know (my coworkers can vouch), I hate old-fashioned paperwork to fill out, especially when you have to write the same things over and over. Pearl. has a modern take on the process with an easy iPad check-in.

(4) Headphones + Netflix.

During the cleaning itself, I took total advantage of the Beats by Dre headphones, and the streaming options on the HDTVs – plural. There’s a TV on the front wall and on the ceiling so you can keep that “Tidying Up” flow going without missing a minute.

(5) Expertise in cosmetics.

I’m a power coffee drinker and am always in need of whitening help. As a new patient at Pearl., I know I’m in the best hands if and when I’m ready to pull the trigger on next-level whitening, veneers or Invisalign. Cosmetics is a huge part of their expertise and – bonus – they offer free in-office whitening for patients for life.

(6) Great service.

It’s hard to quantify, but everyone I’ve interacted with at Pearl. is just nice. It makes such a big difference when you have to take time out of your day to hang with people who could be your real life friends. Dr. Jenny doesn’t know it yet but we’re going to be besties (hi, Jenny!).

(7) TWO badass locations.

Bright, sunny lobbies and chic design… both the College St. and Tryon St. locations are the definition of an Uptown aesthetic, and both are super easy to get to for the Uptown professional.

Been putting off that appointment? Wait no longer. Go schedule yourself an hour-long break from work… You’re welcome.

Cover image by Laura Sumrak
This paid content was created in partnership with Pearl. Dentistry Reimagined.

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