8 quick things to know about Sukoshi, the new Uptown sushi spot from O-Ku

8 quick things to know about Sukoshi, the new Uptown sushi spot from O-Ku
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Sukoshi, a fast-casual sushi restaurant from O-Ku, is now open in Uptown.

Hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and noon to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Sukoshi’s exact address is 101 S. Tryon St., Suite 120 (in the Bank of America Plaza Building with Eddie V’s and Devon Blakely).


OK, here are eight quick things you need to know about Sukoshi … 



1. Sukoshi is the sister restaurant to O-Ku and owned by the same group.

O-Ku has quickly emerged as the top sushi destination in Charlotte. Now the restaurant’s parent company — The Indigo Road, which also runs Oak Steakhouse and will open Indaco in late 2019 — has developed this fast-casual version of O-Ku.

“With Sukoshi, we’re eager to expand outside of a traditional restaurant and start something entirely new – and hopefully thrive into a phenomenon,” says Kimball Brienza, managing partner.

If it works, they’ll consider more Sukoshi locations.


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2. It’s nice inside, but Sukoshi isn’t big.

Sukoshi is less than 2,000 square feet and has seating for only about 30.

It’s not the spot for a big lunch meeting – it’s the type of spot for quick grab-and-go or a fast lunch with a coworker. That said, it’s nice inside, and they spent $1.5 million on the upfit, so they’re clearly not messing around.


3. Yes, Sukoshi offers sushi burritos.

Sukoshi calls their sushi burritos “Mega Maki” which is honestly confusing (they should just call them burritos).

Your burrito options will be: salmon, tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, wagyu, chicken or veggie. Burritos cost between $9-$15. Go with “The Big Eye” which includes tuna, mano, asian pear, masao, seaweed salad, ika salad and wasabi soy.


The Big Eye Mega Maki aka sushi burrito

4. Need to get back to the office fast? Use the coolers on the right.

Sukoshi has two coolers to your right when you walked in filled with grab-and-go sushi that’s made fresh each day. They’ve also got a dedicated line to make the check-out process quick.

If you’re a tuna guy like me, go with Sukoshi’s Tuna “Wrap It Up” roll with big eye tuna, spicy tuna, cucumber, sweet soy and Sriracha aioli ($13).


Tuna “Wrap It Up” roll — it’s delicious

5. Looking for a deal? Hit up Sukoshi’s coolers from 5-7 p.m. daily for 50 percent off everything.

To get rid of the day’s sushi and keep everything fresh, Sukoshi offers 50 percent off any remaining sushi in their grab-and-go coolers from 5-7 p.m. daily.

It’s an awesome deal and allows Sukoshi to eliminate excess inventory (savvy move).


Cooler at Sukoshi — the white boxes contain the sushi rolls, made fresh daily

6. Sukoshi offers Omakase

If you’re uncultured like me, Omakase is a Japanese tradition where you leave it up to the chef on what to bring you.

Sukoshi’s offers a $30, 30-minute Omakase that’ll give you a five-course experience (including frozen yogurt). It’s only offered at the three-seat bar (they’ll eventually add a fourth seat).

I did the Omakase experience, and it’s cool and fun. If you’re a sushi freak and you’ve got the time, give it a shot. Reservations are recommended.


Omakase bar


My favorite omakase course — you put the salmon the the chip and them add the sauce

7. The froyo is legit.

Sukoshi offers a miso caramel frozen yogurt. You’re probably going to skip it, but you should give it a shot at least once. It’s delicious and created by some fancy James Beard award-winning chef in Atlanta.


8. Sukoshi’s menu is tight, expensive and not only about fish.

I love that Chef Michael Chanthavong decided to do a focused menu. I hate options – give me your best stuff.

While the menu focuses on nigiri, sashimi and sushi rolls, it also has plenty of options for your non-fish buddy. I recommend the wagyu for the meat eater.





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