7 best apartments in Dilworth

7 best apartments in Dilworth
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Looking for an apartment in Dilworth? Here’s a quick breakdown of the 7 best apartment complexes in the neighborhood.

Located immediately south of Uptown, Dilworth offers residents the convenience of walkable living combined with the green space of more suburban areas – factors that have contributed to the area boasting some of the city’s (and for that matter, the region’s) highest real estate prices per square foot.

Rentals in the neighborhood traditionally consisted of privately-owned townhomes, condos, quadplexes and the occasional bungalow.

In the past few years, however, even Dilworth has succumbed to the wave of apartment development that has transformed other districts of the Queen City.


The area now offers 1,500 luxury apartments, largely concentrated around the intersection of Morehead Street and Kenilworth Avenue, and most of which were constructed in the past twenty-four months.

Monthly rent quotes sourced from Apartments.com and individual property websites.

Best apartment in Dilworth?

  • Lincoln at Dilworth (37%, 216 Votes)
  • Berkshire Dilworth (29%, 171 Votes)
  • Greenside (12%, 69 Votes)
  • Lexington Dilworth (10%, 58 Votes)
  • Camden Dilworth (7%, 42 Votes)
  • 1010 Dilworth (3%, 18 Votes)
  • 525 East (1%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 580

1010 Dilworth

Location: 1010 Kenilworth Ave.
Constructed: 2016
No. of Apts: 184 units
Managed by: Greystar

Monthly Rent:

  • Studio: $1,008-$1,335
  • One bedroom: $1,243-$1,893
  • Two bedroom: $1,745-$2,722

Why it stands out:

  • Smaller property offering same amenities as larger buildings means less competition for gym and pool time
  • Pool courtyard features waterfall and tree canopy — a nice escape from the busier street-side façade
  • Location offers access to Kenilworth, East Boulevard, CMC Main campus, Little Sugar Creek greenway, Latta Park and more, all within five blocks

Berkshire Dilworth

Location: 1351 E Morehead St.
Constructed: 2015
No. of Apts: 296 units
Managed by: Berkshire Communities

Monthly Rent:

  • Studio: Call for Availability
  • One bedroom: $1,254-$4,066
  • Two bedroom: $1,625-10,183

Why it stands out:

  • Located adjacent to Little Sugar Creek greenway with dedicated pedestrian bridge from Harding Place
  • Luxe amenities package including rooftop veranda overlooking greenway, catering kitchen, dog bathing station and spa, oversized fitness center and workout studio
  • Larger-than-average floorplans range from mid-600s square feet to 2,600-square-foot penthouse

Lincoln at Dilworth

Location: 905 Kenilworth Ave.
Constructed: 2018
No. of Apts: 380 units
Managed by: Lincoln Property Company

Monthly Rent:

  • Studio: $1,230-$1,630
  • One bedroom: $1,235-$2,110
  • Two bedroom: $1,870-$3,025

Why it stands out:

  • 10-foot ceilings throughout (and 11-foot ceilings on first floor)
  • Entrances on Morehead Street and Harding Place for easy access during high-traffic times of day
  • Larger community with more robust amenities including two-story fitness center and wi-fi lounge with coffee bar that doubles as a ride sharing pickup point

*Still under construction as of publication date; some amenities not yet accessible to residents

Lexington Dilworth

Location: 1106 Euclid Ave.
Constructed: 2016
Apartments: 235 units
Managed by: Marsh Properties

Monthly Rent:

  • Studio: $1,235-$1,340
  • One bedroom: $1,350-$1,780
  • Two bedroom: $1,960-$2,815

Why it stands out:

  • Most “neighborhood feel” sitting one block off of Morehead Street and two blocks off of South Boulevard
  • One block from the Dowd YMCA, three blocks from Carson light rail stop
  • Open land across Templeton will become a mixed-use development but serves as pet-friendly greenspace until then

Agenda analysis: See inside Lexington Dilworth, where you’ll find six courtyards, a saltwater pool and rent that ranges from $1,100-$2,800

525 East Blvd

Location: 525 East Blvd.
Constructed: 2016
Apartments: 24 units
Managed by: My Niche Apartments

Monthly Rent: Call for Availability

Why it stands out:

  • Boutique community within one block of Latta Park and walking distance to East Boulevard and South End hot sopts


Location: 1315 Harding Place
Constructed: 2018
Apartments: 225 units
Managed by: RivergateKW

Monthly Rent:

  • Studio: $1,103-$1,464
  • One bedroom: $1,257-$1,894
  • Two bedroom: $1,750-$2,044

Why it stands out:

  • Set back from both Kenilworth Avenue and Morehead Street, offers similar location as other properties but with more privacy, less traffic noise

*Still under construction as of publication; some amenities not yet accessible to residents

Camden Dilworth

Location: 1510 Scott Ave.
Constructed: 2005
Apartments: 145 units
Managed by: Camden

Monthly Rent:

  • One bedroom: $1,219-$1,319
  • Two bedroom: $1,669-$2,039

Why it stands out: 

  • Two blocks from East Blvd commercial corridor, and less than a 5-minute walk to Latta and Freedom parks

Although not technically in Dilworth, other nearby apartment options worth mentioning include the Marq Midtown 205, 261 units built in 2015 with rent starting at $1,090; and the Presley Uptown, 230 units built in 2015 with rent starting at $1,000.

Looking at other neighborhoods? View the Agenda list of best apartments in South End and the best apartments in Plaza Midwood

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