Do you have a ticket for our Mayoral Forum on Tuesday, September 1st? 7 FAQs

Do you have a ticket for our Mayoral Forum on Tuesday, September 1st? 7 FAQs
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(Update 7:00pm on 8/20: Tickets are officially SOLD OUT. Stay tuned for live stream information.)

We’re electing a new Mayor this fall!

Yes, that means you’re responsible for getting to know the 8 candidates.

Axios Charlotte is hosting a Mayoral Forum with #WTFwevote on September 1st – grab your ticket (it’s free).

Here are 7 FAQs about the forum.

(1) Will the candidates talk too long about issues I don’t understand and force me to check Instagram on my phone and wish I was at Sycamore Brewing drinking a pitcher of beer instead of listening to political chatter?

No. The format is different. Each candidate for Mayor of Charlotte will present PechaKucha style – they will show 20 images that represent their vision of the future of Charlotte and have 20 seconds to talk about each image.

(2) What’s the Vegas over/under line for “streetcar” mentions?

12.5. I’m taking the over.

(3) Are people actually going to this or will I be one of 27 people in the audience (including candidate family members)?

Yes, people are going and it will be awkwardly crowded. Before this story was published, 628 people were registered and the venue holds 700. So go get a ticket!

(4) When and where is this thing happening?

Tuesday, September 1st from 6:30pm to 8:30pm (may end early) at the McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square.

(5) Will the Axios Charlotte have a t-shirt gun?

No, I googled these and the retail price started at $699. I know, so freaking high. So, I think we may throw out weird trucker hats that I had InkFloyd produce.

(6) Will campaign managers have candidates wear graphic t-shirts in order to “connect with millennial voters?” 

Probably. I bet they’re making some last minute orders on

(7) What’s the data on this race?

  • Candidates by party: 6 Democrats, 2 Republicans.
  • Primary: September 15th (runoff October 6th if no candidate gets 40% of the vote).
  • Election: November 3rd.
  • Voters: 502,563 registered voters. Democrats: 246,322 (49%), Republicans: 113,350 (23%), Unaffiliated: 140,659 (28%), Libertarian: 2,232 (<1%).
  • Mayoral term: 2 years
  • Cost to run for Mayor: $235


Go grab your ticket before they’re sold out.

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