10 boutique-style classes you can take at a YMCA

10 boutique-style classes you can take at a YMCA
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Memberships to boutique-style studios in the Charlotte area typically cost upwards of $200 a month, but with a YMCA of Greater Charlotte membership, free classes are offered every night of the week.

Whether you prefer to sweat and spin or are trying to perfect your yoga poses, here are 10 boutique-style exercise classes you can take through the YMCA.

Bonus: Most branches offer free childcare so your little can play will you practice some self-care.


What to expect: This classes uses kicking and punching techniques for creative exercises that increase balance, endurance and core strength.
Why take it: This class is perfect for those looking for a high-energy workout to relieve stress and improve overall fitness.
Locations: Harris, Morrison, Lowe’s, Keith Family, Brace Family and Lake Norman

Dowd YMCA Crossfit

Via Dowd YMCA CrossFit/Facebook


What to expect: Each class has a Workout of the Day which will focus on strength, stamina, endurance, accuracy, power, agility, balance, speed, coordination and flexibility.
Why take it: These workouts are designed to be challenging and are varied so your muscles never get bored.
Locations: Harrison, Dowd, Morrison and Gateway Village



What to expect: Cycling is a calorie-torching exercise done on a stationary bike. The instructor will guide you through the ride and suggest speeds/resistance, but ultimately you’re in control of what you get out of class. Be prepared to sweat, torch calories and build endurance.
Why take it: Try cycling if you’re determined to break a sweat but want a more joint-friendly cardio option. Bonus: This class definitely evokes endorphins with its loud, upbeat music.
Locations: Dowd, Lowe’s, Morrison, Brace Family, Lake Norman and Harris


What to expect: This class targets your abs, arms, glutes and thighs through low-impact movements using a ballet bar, resistance bands, light dumbbell weights and a small ball.
Why take it: If you’re looking for a challenging workout that lifts and tones typical problem areas, this class is for you.
Locations: Dowd, Brace Family, Morrison, Johnston, Lake Norman and Childress Klein

Group Core

What to expect: In 30 minutes, you’ll perform a number of strength exercises to help improve core strength, shoulders and hips.
Why take it: Try this class if you’re looking for a quick workout that improves balance, strength and posture.
Locations: Sally’s, Lincoln County and McCrorey

Harris Family YMCA class

Via Harris YMCA/Facebook


What to expect: This Pilates workout focuses on improving core strength and aids flexibility, posture, stability and balance.
Why take it: Pilates is perfect for those seeking balance and prefer a more low-impact workout.
Locations: Dowd, Brace Family, Harris, Morrison, Sara’s, Wesley Chapel, Simmons, Lowe’s, Lake Norman, Harris Express, Sally’s and Johnston

PiYo Live!

What to expect: This is a musically driven class that targets flexibility and strength through challenging choreography.
Why take it: Try this class if you’re looking for a fun, non-traditional way to break a sweat and improve overall fitness.
Locations: Sally’s, Lowe’s, Lake Norman, Johnston and Morrison

Circuit Training

What to expect: Circuit Training is a full-body workout that involves rotating to different types of stations where cardio or strength exercises will be performed (think anything from jump roping to lunges).
Why take it: If you’re easily bored with group exercise or have become bored of your own routine, mix it up with Circuit Training.
Locations: Harris, Dowd and Morrison

Morrison Family YMCA exercise class

Via Morrison Family YMCA/Facebook

High-Intensity Interval Training

What to expect: This class is based on the HIIT concept which alternates between bursts of high-intensity moves and short periods of recovery or low-impact exercise. Expect to improve use of oxygen, strength, endurance, metabolism and more.
Why take it: This class is for those looking for a challenging, intense workout that burns fat efficiently.
Locations: Brace Family, Harris, Dowd, Sally’s, Lake Norman, Harris Express, Keith Family, Wesley Chapel and Johnston

Sculpt and Tone

What to expect: Sculpt and Tone focuses on using low weights and high reps to increase calorie burn, metabolism, circulation and improve muscle strength.
Why take it: Take this class if you’re looking to do what the name suggests – sculpt and tone your muscles.
Locations: Morrison, Lake Norman and Morrison

Dowd YMCA roof yoga

Via Dowd YMCA/Facebook

Yoga/Hot Yoga

What to expect: From Hot Yoga to Slow Flow, there are class options that can challenge or relax, depending on what you’re in the mood for. Take Hot Yoga for a serious sweat or a stretch and balance to focus on improving in those areas.
Why take it: There are more than 25 yoga classes offered across the YMCA of Greater Charlotte locations so there are options for everyone, no matter your level of experience.
Locations: All locations

TRX Interval Blast

What to expect: There are hundreds of bodyweight exercises that focus on strength, balance, core strength, power and more.
Why take it: Try TRX if you’re looking to control the intensity of your workout and prefer to use your own body weight during exercise (versus free weights or machine equipment).
Locations: Johnston and Keith Family

For class times, go to www.ymcacharlotte.org.

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