5 popular Chinese restaurants in Charlotte and what to order at each

5 popular Chinese restaurants in Charlotte and what to order at each
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Love Chinese? The Agenda does too.

According to our most recently Axios Charlotte daily newsletter reader survey (36,000+ subscribers), here are the five best Chinese restaurants in Charlotte.


#1 Chinese restaurant in Charlotte

Opened in 1993, Baoding has been a Charlotte Chinese food staple for decades. They are located in Sharon Corners and serve all of your Chinese favorites, from moo shu pork to sesame chicken.


Neighborhood: SouthPark, Sharon Corners

Cost: $$

Must-order menu items: Kick things off with some wonton soup and fried string beans. For dinner order the Pineapple Fried Rice and splurge on the Beijing Duck.

Dine in or takeout: Dine in. Baoding has a nice, contemporary atmosphere and the Beijing Duck is just better in person. If you do want to order takeout, here’s their menu.

P.F. Chang’s

Be honest, you love P.F. Chang’s!

And so does Charlotte — Axios Charlotte readers recently selected this as the #2 best Chinese restaurant in our city (which is part funny and part sad).

This restaurant giant has expanded their menu quite a bit in recent years and they now offer items like sushi rolls and poke.

Neighborhood: Phillip’s Place (SouthPark) // Northlake Mall (North Charlotte)

Cost: $$

Must-order menu items: You can’t go to P.F. Chang’s without ordering their signature ‘Chang’s Lettuce Wraps’ first. For a healthy meal option, go with the ‘Mandarin Crunch Salad’. If you’re wanting something heartier, go with the ‘Crispy Honey Chicken’.

Dine in or takeout: Dine in. Both Charlotte locations offer a nice dining atmosphere and are ideal for larger groups.

Taipei Express

This fast-casual Chinese joint doesn’t disappoint when it comes to serving up all the favorites. Expect a little more of an upscale vibe than your typical Chinese takeout joint.

Neighborhood: Eastover

Cost: $

Must-order menu items: Order a round of crab rangoon and then go for either the crispy scallion chicken or the honey walnut chicken. If you want a veggie option, try the tofu in black bean sauce.

Dine in or takeout: Depends on your mood. They’ve got ample seating and a clean, simple dining area if you want a sit down dinner. Or you can opt for takeout if you’d rather sit on your couch.

Agenda reader comments:

“Classic and unassuming, Tai Pei Express is the hero you need but don’t deserve. I grew up in Charlotte picking up from here with my dad since I was little. The Spicy Chicken and Broccoli or Chicken Lo Mein are our go-tos.” – A

“Get their crispy scallion chicken, add mixed asian stir-fry style veggies to the chicken for $.50, and ask for their hot sauce (it’s chili garlic sauce)… if you can handle the heat.” – S

Ho Ho Cherry House

Ho Ho Cherry House may seem like just an unassuming, hole-in-the-wall spot but don’t get it twisted. This place basically has a cult following. Expect inexpensive, traditional Chinese fare that you can get delivered right to your door.

Neighborhood: Elizabeth

Cost: $

Must-order menu items: Start with a spring roll and seafood hot and sour soup. For your main meal, go with the Ho Ho Shrimp and some veggie lo mein.

Dine in or takeout: Takeout. Opt for delivery for a cozy night in. You can even order online.


Ginbu 401

Located on the edge of Eastover, Ginbu 401 isn’t just a Chinese restaurant — they also have a sushi bar. Expect all your classic Chinese faves. Plus, you can order miso soup and a spicy tuna roll on the side.

Neighborhood: Eastover

Cost: $$

Must-order menu items: Get the crispy shrimp shumai and go with the 401 Spicy entree if you’re a General Tso’s fan. Finish things off with a Providence roll.

Dine in or takeout: It’s nice enough for a cozy date night or sit down lunch but it’s also a solid takeout option for when you want to eat in your sweats.

10 more Agenda reader faves…

Dim Sum
Plaza Midwood, 2920 Central Ave.
Located in Plaza Midwood, this no-frills restaurant serves up traditional dim sum-style cuisine. Expect loads of dumplings, hot pots and tasty noodle bowls.

Shun Lee Palace
Cotswold, 4340 Colwick Rd.
Yelp reviewers call Shun Lee Palace a ‘hidden gem’ and recommend ordering the sesame chicken and crab rangoon. You can find it in Cotswold and they offer online ordering and delivery. 

Chun Lee Palace review from an Agenda reader:“Shun Lee Palace does Moo Shu Chicken the way it should be (traditional pancakes and all) and hands down has the best Crab Rangoon.” – A

88 Chinese Bistro
Cherry, 1620-A East 4th St.
The basil chicken and crispy roast duck are standouts on this menu. Go with a combination platter if you want a little more bang for your buck. They offer delivery with a $15 minimum. 

Persuasian Restaurant
Dilworth, 2214 Park Rd.
This casual Dilworth eatery offers a variety of Asian fare, including Vietnamese pho, Thai lettuce wraps and light, healthy Chinese dishes. Online ordering is available.


Orange chicken and fried rice at Peruasian in Dilworth

Beijing Chinese Cuisine
South End, 1603 South Blvd.
Located in the heart of South End, Beijing is a cozy little Chinese joint serving up a massive menu full of classic dishes. Go for the dinner special that comes with an entree, fried rice, egg roll and choice of soup.

Wan Fu
South Charlotte, 10719 Kettering Dr.
Serving Charlotte since 1989, Wan Fu’s pagoda-style building has been a beacon of Chinese cuisine for decades. They have a full-service bar and huge menu. Hands down go with the pineapple chicken. It’s served in half of a pineapple. 

Wan Fu review from an Agenda reader: “Wan Fu on Pineville Matthews, behind the Outback — by far the best Chinese in the city. The staff is amazing, and there are TONS of options. We go there about every 2-3 weeks, very reasonably priced, and the portions are huge. (we generally get an entree and the house fried rice and split it between 2-3 people). The House Fried Rice is AMAZING, and the Tangerine chicken is a personal favorite.” – N

Great Wall of China
South Charlotte, 6666 Carmel Rd.
Don’t visit this local spot without ordering the scallion pancakes on the side. If you want to treat yourself, go with the Cantonese-style lobster. They have a full bar and spacious dining room, great for big groups. 

Great Wall of China review from an Agenda reader: ““Great Wall’s atmosphere is super depressing but the food is legit. In addition to the Americanized food we are used to, they even have a separate menu in Chinese (Mandarin?) with authentic dishes. For some reason that I don’t understand, the chow fun is on the authentic Chinese menu and it’s amazing. Their “special trio” is great and I have tested, unofficially, Lo Mein all over town and theirs is still tops to me. The best dish is a black pepper steak which if I recall correctly is a filet that comes out of the kitchen on a sizzling plate.” – L

Taipe South
Pineville, 10106 Johnston Rd

Taipe South review from an Agenda reader: “I’m a Charlotte native and have been eating at Taipei South all of my life and it is definitely my favorite Chinese restaurant (maybe favorite restaurant period)! They are located off of Park Road in South Charlotte right next to the Lowe’s and Food Lion. I would highly recommend the chicken with eggplant in garlic sauce, extra spicy, with fired rice and chicken wings (I don’t think I’ve ordered a different meal there in my 24 years of life), and definitely have to get a crab rangoon appetizer. Their food is cheap, yet they do not lack in flavor, and they do not let you leave hungry. Prices are around $6-$8 for a full plate of food. Every plate comes with an option of white or fried rice, and an eggroll, spring roll or chicken wings (2).” – H

Fortune Cookie
Three Charlotte-area locations

Fortune cookie review from an Agenda reader: “Great sit-down, order at the counter. Serves up your classic dishes but also offers tons of wing dishes which I haven’t tried and don’t plan to. I do the Chinese mixed veggie with ‘fried rice’ which appears to be white rice cooked in soy sauce, with a spring roll. Total comes to about $8 and I easily have enough for two meals.” – S

Lee Cafe
Fort Mill, 1046 Regent Pkwy Ste 107

Lee Cafe review from an Agenda reader: “They have your usual Chinese fare, sushi, but they also have an authentic Chinese menu you can order from. All the local Chinese go there. They don’t have the ambience like a PF Chang, but their food is absolutely the best. Their signature is this dish with fish in chili peppers. It is amazing and really is not spicy. We get that, salt water duck or white cut chicken and sautéed pea shoots. But lots of time, we just pick up beef chow fun to go. If you don’t mind fat, their pork belly is great.” – S

Lee Cafe review from an Agenda reader: “Lee’s Cafe in Fort Mill is the only Chinese restaurant I’ll go to. It’s fantastic. The (whole) ginger scallion fish is sublime. I spent 13 years in Los Angeles and never even had anything as good there. The chili fish dish is sexier, but a little tricky to eat. The green beans are also fab.” – T

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