We asked 25 Charlotte men what they wish Charlotte women knew

We asked 25 Charlotte men what they wish Charlotte women knew
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Last week Dion and I asked Charlotte’s single ladies what they wish guys knew. Now it’s the guy’s turn. If I ever become single again (Jordan, I’m keeping the ring) I’ve learned to chip in on meals, let guys know how I feel right away and to not do a bunch of cocaine before a first date.

On dates

“There’s nothing worse than coming up with questions to ask all night and feeling like you’re interviewing someone. For the love of god, please ask some questions in return.”- Ben

“I personally wish more women knew that men don’t mind paying for dinner/drinks, but it doesn’t go unnoticed if you never offer to chip in. Even if you know the guy is going to pay, offering to pay your share not only establishes your character as an independent person, but shows you respect that individual as well.”- Amir

“I hate being told by an online dating profile that getting drinks is boring and that I have to plan a unique first date. Like, we’re probably not going to fall in love, I don’t want to be stuck on a hot air balloon ride with you.”- Harrison


“If you want fries you should order fries don’t order a fruit cup and then take my fries.”- Casey

“I wish they had ideas of more interesting places to go on a first date.”- Johnny

“Talk about your deal breakers before we go out. There’s no point rushing into a first date because you “hate small talk” only to find out you hate me because I’m not into hiking.”- Daniel

“Don’t do a bunch of cocaine before a first date. (You’d think this would go without saying, but that is not the case.)”- Adrian

On communication

“Women need to be bolder. If you see a guy you like, don’t be afraid to let him know how you feel or that you’re attracted to him. Too many women wait around.”- Dylan

“Some things are better to talk about sooner than later, like mental health or family issues. Anything you can do that prevents me from saying something super dumb is helpful.”- Alex

“It’d be easier if girls just came out and flat out told us, “Hey I’m into you” vs. small hints here and there. Some guys (like me) don’t really get the hints and think you’re just being real friendly.”- Taylor

“Don’t let things go unsaid. If you’re feeling something (good or bad) get on the same page.”- Lucas

“Asking someone out for coffee/drinks doesn’t make you “creepy” nor does it mean you are necessarily interested in pursuing them for a long-term relationship. Dating CAN be casual at first. Getting to know people CAN be casual at first.”- Juan

“It shouldn’t just be a slap in the face to just be friends. There are 7 billion people on the planet. Just because you went on a couple dates doesn’t mean you either are or are not soulmates. It’s totally fine to say, “I don’t think we match up well long-term.” That is not an insult at all. You can value someone and not necessarily want to be with them.”- Luke

“There’s nothing wrong with a double text. Don’t wait, just f*cking send it. (This one goes for both genders I think.)”- Jalen

On behavior

“There are still some “old school” guys in Charlotte. Treating a lady like a lady. Opening and holding doors. Bringing flowers on dates. Etc.”- Jacob

“Just because I smile and wave at you doesn’t make me a sexual predator. It’s ok to just smile and wave back. I promise I’m not going to start immediately humping your leg.”- Malcolm

“No one actually reads the Instagram caption you spent an hour working on.”- Matt

“The new trend of “ghosting” makes you just as annoying as the guys who do it. I imagine women don’t like it when guys do it to them. So why is it that women will engage you in conversation and then disappear two exchanges in before any real conversation is had? Just be an adult. Explain your feelings, unmatch or just don’t engage at all if you aren’t actually ready.”- Denzel

“It’s not fair when you complain that there are “no good guys” when you know plenty of good guys, but you just happen to be attracted to the ones who treat you like total crap.”- Bryan

“I understand you’re doing some prescreening when you “play hard to get,” but overdoing it is a red flag in itself.”- David

“Guys are sensitive about their bodies too. I’m not going to say something negative about you and it should be a two-way street.”- Marcos

“You not liking my friends won’t make me hangout with them less, but it will make me like you less.”- Clay

On commitment

“I wish women knew that long-term thinking or commitment isn’t as scary to us as they may think. I think it’s a safe convo that helps create some small steps to a bigger trust. I think it helps us with relief that they are at least mature in their relationship activity and know what they want and can communicate that. It’s refreshing.”- Owen

“Be forthcoming with your expectations. If you want to get married within a year make it known early in the process (so that I can run away as fast as I can).”- Ethan

“Just because we’re exclusive doesn’t mean I don’t find other girls attractive.”- Will

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