INSIDER: Go inside Red Ventures with our 31 photo campus tour

INSIDER: Go inside Red Ventures with our 31 photo campus tour
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Recruiting and retaining talent is arguably the #1 thing on the minds of Red Ventures management team.

Their business, marketing and selling (see graphic below), doesn’t work without top technology and sales talent. Their headquarters isn’t fancy for the sake of being fancy fancy – it’s a strategic decision their management made to attract and retain talent.


Red Ventures campus fast facts

  • Current employee count is 2,500 in the Charlotte area.
  • Campus was built by Choate Construction and the architecture firm behind the project was Overcash Demmitt Architects.
  • Total office space is 330,000 sqft (three buildings).
  • Work spaces all have low walls and are grouped by team or business unit.
  • Space is fully laptop and wifi enabled so that employees can grab their laptop and work from anywhere.
  • Over 100 conference rooms (all with glass walls). Most conference rooms are named for “Ric-isms” (catch phrases from their CEO Ric Elias), super heroes and every possible combination of Red something (Red Meat, Red Head, Red Tape, Red Delicious…) Note: Am I the only one that thinks “Red Meat” is hilarious? That is a really funny name. Employees must say, “Let’s meet in Red Meat.”
  • Fun fact: Red Ventures only has four offices in our entire space (even those have glass walls).
  • Fun stuff: Putting green, two on-site cafes, rooftop beer garden, spinning room, yoga studio, gym, basketball court, free coffee everywhere, bowling alley and more.
  • If you’re interested in a job, here are Red Ventures’ jobs (I counted 42 open positions).



Okay, enough words. Let’s take a tour. I took these photos while snooping around at Red Ventures after Third Eye Blind played a lunchtime concert there (yes, you read that correctly).

(Update 2:59pm – we got this tweet from an RV employee and it’s pretty good):

red-ventures-headquarters map

red ventures headquarters building

red ventures main entrace

red ventures architecture

red ventures basketball court

red ventures center basket ball court

red ventures gym

red ventures cubicle area

red ventures ping pong table

red ventures cafeteria charlotte headquarters

red ventures conference room glass

red ventures main living room

red ventures lounge headquarters

red  ventures putting competition

red ventures pool table

red ventures offices

red ventures office and cubicles

red ventures cafe

red ventures stadium seating

red ventures work space

red ventures sales contest

red ventures bowling alley

red ventures video games

red ventures poker table

red ventures video games

red ventures office hallway

red ventures foosball table

red ventures board room charlotte

red ventures big conference room

red ventures floors

red ventures rooftop bar

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