Life hack – We tested out CPI’s new smart home camera and these are our fave features.

Life hack – We tested out CPI’s new smart home camera and these are our fave features.
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This paid content was created in partnership with CPI Security.

Over here at Axios Charlotte, our team all has different family situations and we’re spread out across the city, but we have one thing in common – we are all busy and we’re always on the go.

Our editorial team is off adventuring and discovering the coolest parts of the city, and they don’t want to have to stress out about what’s going on at home every time they leave the house.

Enter: CPI Security and its new inTouch 180™ Indoor Camera.

Here are 10 features we love.

(10) Winning app.

There’s no use in having a cool new gadget if the app to support it isn’t 100% easy to use. With CPI’s inTouch app, you have nothing to worry about. The app is easy, intuitive and will soon be one of the most-used apps on your phone.

(9) No curfew.

Need to check in late? With infrared capability for low light, the camera is just as useful at night as it is during the day.

(8) Versatile and sleek style.

You want great security and features, but you don’t want a bulky camera in your living room that stands out. We get it. The new inTouch 180™ Indoor Camera’s design is super sleek – it reads like a speaker – and can be moved to any location around your house. As a warning, get ready for your friends to ask about your cool new device all the time.

(7) Tap to call.

If someone at home needs to get a hold of you, stat, they can tap a button and reach you directly for a call or even video chat. Kids, babysitter, contractors or the cleaning service can’t find what they need? Now they have instant access.

(6) Crystal clear with pinch and zoom.

Gone are the days of fuzzy, can’t-tell-what’s-happening feeds. Welcome to 2018 with a wide angle lens and the quality you’d expect from a 6.8 mega-pixel camera. Plus, when your pets get into those hard-to-spot corners (as they inevitably do), you can zoom in within your app to get as close as you need.

(5) 180-degree range (duh).

Gotta love that open floor plan, but it can be hard to cover without multiple cameras. The wide-angle 180 degree camera plus pan and tilt capability allows for max coverage without extra devices.

(4) Seamless installation.

No one wants to read a manual. Set up is quick and painless with the best installation team in the industry. They make sure you know how to take advantage of every feature along the way, too.

(3) Rewatch (then share) your pets’ antics.

Want to share something hilarious? Connect the inTouch 180™ Indoor Camera to a Stream Video Recorder and you can capture up to 30 days of recorded video. Think of all the moments that happen at home that you wish were recorded – here’s your answer.

(2) Bluetooth music streaming.

Bluetooth music streaming is built directly in to the inTouch 180™ Indoor Camera. Kiss all those wires for your old speaker system goodbye. 

(1) The microphone.

This is a huge game-changer for interacting with loved ones at home. Need to let your fam (or your pups) know that you’re on the way home? Everyone’s phone on silent while you’re trying to call? Two-way communication is now as easy as the tap of a button.

With the inTouch 180™ Indoor Camera being CPI Security’s latest device, you can snag one when you set up a new smart home of your own or easily add it to an existing system.

Get all the details here so you can get back to exploring, worry-free.

This paid content was created in partnership with CPI Security.

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