Briefing for Thursday August 13: Weddings to acai bowls

Briefing for Thursday August 13: Weddings to acai bowls
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Hello Thursday.

What’s your preferred home rental search engine? I had to learn the hard way after trudging through Craigslist, Facebook forums and individual property management sites that Zillow is the only way to go. It has a nice user interface, side-by-side listing and map displays and pretty advanced search criteria. Dig it.

Charlotte’s non big box apartment rental scene feels pretty cutthroat. I had a place rented out from under me yesterday morning so now I’m out for blood. Or at least a lease. Zillow saves my search criteria so I can check in every two hours like a complete lunatic to see if any new listings that match my specifications have popped up. I guess I’m just feeling all Alanis Morisette with these 10,000 apartments when all I need is a house.


Today’s Weather: 87. Sunny. 0% chance of rain.
Today’s Stat: 2,000. # of employees Domino’s plans to hire throughout NC, including 15 locations in Charlotte [Peralta/Observer].
Today’s Job: Team in Training Campaign Specialist at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Apply.
Today’s Charlottean: Lauren Shealy, former all-state field hockey player at Charlotte Country Day, for being named to the U.S. National Field Hockey Team [Edwards/Observer].


Getting married in Charlotte: 9 local wedding vendors you should know about
Laura knows weddings and has a new last name to prove it. She introduces the team of local vendors – from the venue and videographer to the food and flowers – who made her June wedding happen.

Birdsong feeling Kind of Blue: Series of wild ales to be released in tribute to classic Miles Davis album
Birdsong is rolling out five wild ales named after the classic 1959 jazz album by Miles Davis. The first, Freddie Freeloader, will be released today.

Rico’s Acai fruit bowl truck is now open Uptown
The first concept of its kind in the food truck scene, Rico’s Acai serves bowls of pureed frozen superfruit topped with granola, coconut and other healthy things. It’s pronounced ah-sah-EE, but you should ask Ted to say it.

8 signs you’ve had the quintessential Charlotte summer
So you spent your summer cheering on the Knights, exploring the Whitewater Center, bar hopping the breweries, inhaling King of Pops and complaining about the #CLTheatwave? All together now: that’s so Charlotte.

The best way to dress my hard-to-flatter body: Hire someone else to do it
Mary comes at me with her reasons why my year of wearing thrift clothes only is kind of absurd and definitely not for her. On the complete other end of the spectrum, she has signed up for a mail order personalized shopping service. The point, she says, is to go with what makes you feel confident.

List of all 17 Uptown Charlotte hotels with prices
If your friends and family members ask you where to stay when visiting Charlotte and you’re just not down to give an enthusiastic “My house!” response, give them this list instead. 


Visitor spending increases to $4.9 billion in Mecklenburg County [Hallmark/Agenda]. Visitor spending was up 6.1 percent last year with the hotel and food & beverage industries driving the most growth. More hotel rooms are being filled, more food is being sold and more flights are being booked. 

Jim Noble is looking for space for a BBQ joint [Thomas/CBJ]. The restaurateur says he wants a site close to I-77 where he can create one of the best barbecue restaurants in the Southeast that’s “all about meat.” It will be his fifth restaurant after more than 30 years in the industry.

New restaurant coming to South End next to Sycamore Brewing [Levans/Agenda]. Argos Real Estate Advisors announced an undisclosed buyer purchased 2,500 square feet of space for a restaurant that includes Hawkins Street frontage for a porch. The space is located next door to Sycamore brewing.

Broadway workshop coming to Charlotte [Thornton/Observer]. The weekend course will be hosted at CPCC August 29-30. Participants will hone skills in the “triple threat” of theatre: acting, voice and dance.

Are we completely sure it’s already Thursday? If yes, we’ve all earned a Sweet Girl Cookie.

– Katie

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