INSIDER: Everything you need to know about 204 North

INSIDER: Everything you need to know about 204 North
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204 North is filling a void in-between Sip and Ri Ra and in Charlotte’s eating and drinking scene.

Recently, I told you about 204 North, a farm-to-table restaurant, coming soon to the unoccupied space next to Ri Ra. A place that will combine top-notch service, quality food, inviting atmosphere and quality drinks that will all come together to serve Uptown.




I have some updates and images to get you even more excited about this place.

The Food

Chef Franke Jones will be running the kitchen and his background has taken him from the Carolinas to California and back. He told me that he wants to create a menu full of “approachable, creative food to speak to the Charlotte crowd” and I am inclined to believe him. He’s young and eager. A Johnson & Wales graduate, he is eager to make his mark on Charlotte’s growing culinary scene.

The food will be local farm to table where possible with the goal of showcasing food from and for the community.

The Drinks

  • 30 taps, a vast majority being local craft beers… Sold
  • Cocktails on tap… SOLD
  • Beer infusion tower… SOLD SOLD.

The fact that the majority of the taps will be taken up by local is a huge win (and smart).

The cocktails on tap are going to be so unique that I’m not even quite sure how it works (something with making sure its mixed properly through a machine and ready for you glass).

The beer infusion tower is like something out of a science fiction movie (look them up) and it basically allows them to infuse a beer with whatever flavor they want.

Price point will be between $9-$11 on average for bar menu items.



The Atmosphere

General Manager Stephen Hendrick told me that “you don’t find that classical feel of being at home” when out and about (I agree). He aims to make 204 North a place that’s “all about the personal connections” and comfortable for anyone.

Co-Founder and Owner Anthony Kearey told me he wants to “raise the bar on service in Charlotte.”

I have been to too many restaurants and experienced terrible service. I don’t get it. How hard is training and maintaining a good staff? 204 North looks to provide a quality experience every and any time you walk through the doors, and I can certainly appreciate that.

Right now, they plan to have a full menu from open to close, 7 days a week (certainly rare in Charlotte).

Having two levels will provide them the opportunity to provide unique experiences on two floors. The 2nd floor will have a more “loungey” feel at night, while the 1st floor will act as more of a “hangout” gathering and eating atmosphere. The place is HUGE, with seating for 250 people.

204 North will provide people a great place to hang out, get a good meal at any time of day and drink some quality drinks.

For me, I feel like there are a limited number of places I can go Uptown to get a meal that are not in (A) an expensive restaurant or (B) a straight up bar that happens to serve food.

I also feel like there are a limited number of places I can go Uptown to get a drink that are not in a (A) standard bar that charges a cover and shouldn’t or (B) overly loud club/bar.

204 North adds a (C) option to both of these scenarios and I can’t wait.

Demo is underway and they continue to hope for a late 2015 opening. Stay tuned – I will provide more details as they come and construction nears an end.

Renderings by Lori Bowman of d3 Studio.

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