I tried ClassPass in Charlotte for a week. Here’s how it went.

I tried ClassPass in Charlotte for a week. Here’s how it went.
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I’ve scrolled past the advertisement promising a week of free classes at least 100 times, but this month I finally caved and gave ClassPass a try.

It always seemed like one of those too good to be true type of deals that are hard to cancel if you want out, but I figured it could be a more affordable way to get into the fitness studios I love around here, so I signed up on a Sunday and scheduled a few classes for the week.

Here’s what I learned from using ClassPass in Charlotte.

1. There’s a huge variety of classes

I loved how ClassPass can get you into so many different gyms and fitness studios – you can choose anything from yoga to CrossFit. It was fun to try a new workout and mix things up a bit. If you’re the type of person who needs constant change to feel motivated or likes to incorporate several different types of workouts into your regimen, ClassPass might be a good option.

2. Classes take a lot of credits

The week-long free trial comes with 25 credits which will get you about three classes around here, unless you can swing going while most people are working, since the number of credits per class goes up during peak hours like before and after work.


The classes I took (PureBarre and CYCLEBAR) were eight credits each, which seemed to be pretty average, with classes in Charlotte ranging anywhere from two to 19 credits.

The two-credit options will get you into a standard gym where you can hop on a machine and do your own thing while the 19-credit classes included some high-end intensive group classes.

3. The trial isn’t very realistic

None of the packages offer as many classes per week as the free trial. Looking at the options, the cheapest one is $35 a month and you only get 20 credits, which means only getting to take 2-3 classes all month. To take three classes a week, you’d have to get the 60-credit package which costs $100. You can buy additional credits for a few bucks each, but that will add up quickly.

4. The app is awesome

I have to say, the app makes scheduling super easy and is probably my favorite thing about it. It’s almost like a planner and you can see which classes are available at what time, how many credits they take, how long the class is and where the studio is. I was a little wary of being overwhelmed with options but the app made it a non-issue and it was super simple budgeting my time and deciding what was convenient.

5. Canceling was weird (like I knew it would be)

At the end of the trial, I decided to cancel my membership thinking I could go back to it after really mapping out my options. Honestly, this the most annoying part of the experience.

When I pressed cancel membership it suggested another option that wasn’t advertised under its normal packages or (in tiny letters) “continue with my cancellation.” I continued and then it prompted me to either sign up for more or enter a chatroom to confirm the cancellation. In the chat, customer service tried to push even more deals and I had to decline. They eventually canceled it, but it took a lot of “thanks for the offer, but no” on my end.

Conclusion: ClassPass offers a ton of awesome options and would be a good fit for someone new to the area as a way to explore different options in Charlotte.

I try to workout 4-5 times a week, and while the variety made it super fun, it turned out not to be so affordable. Overall, it’s not for me, but I say go for it if your goal is trying 1-2 classes a week or you want to see what the Charlotte fitness scene has to offer.

Feature photo via ClassPass

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