Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on grocery attractiveness, banker bros, daycare, scooters and EpiCentre

Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on grocery attractiveness, banker bros, daycare, scooters and EpiCentre
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback, this is not close to everything (it’s about 2%), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: 9 Charlotte grocery stores ranked by how attractive the shoppers are

“Can I not go to the grocery store without being evaluated by my looks?? That’s so damn weird.” – L

“This sets a new bar for poor taste, even for Agenda.” – M


“I can’t with this article. LOL. I have yet to see a hot man at the grocery store that isn’t attached to a scowling woman or man, or doesn’t look at me like a deer in the headlights when I say hey. LOL.” – B

“How pretentious!! Complete garbage and insulting.” – S

“This is terrible. How’d you miss Publix in South End? Asking for a friend.” – D

“I can’t believe no one has A SENSE OF HUMOR !!!” – M

In response to: What’s everyone’s problem with the EpiCentre? 20 reasons it’s actually awesome

“My fondest memory of the EpiCentre is being held up in the parking deck and getting a trip to the emergency room after four thugs beat my friend and I to within an inch of our lives over a wallet. Stiches, broken ribs and bruises for weeks. Such a wonderful representation of downtown, errr, Uptown Charlotte.” – M

“One of the reasons cited for why the EpiCenter is awesome is…affordable chain restaurants? Bbwahaha! I can’t wait to tell my wife — Hey let’s go to the EpiCenter tonight and be surrounded by aggressive bros and trashy girls from the exurbs slamming cheap shots before they pile into their Pontiac and head back to Lincolnton. I know it doesn’t sound appealing but at least there will be cheap food that you could also get literally anywhere else.” – O

“Everyone’s problem? The recent rash of reported drugged drinks may be a start, which this article not only fails to mention, but specifically lays platitudes on one of the bars at the center of the reports.” – J

“1. Dancing is fun- at places like the Roxbury, Dandelion, and Scorpio.
2. Better yet, White Water Center’s River Jam and events at The Evening Muse.
3. There are plenty of other drink specials on Thursdays. Try Sycamore’s $13 beer pitchers.
4. No kids. Isn’t the Epicentre’s crowd mostly 20 year olds? I’d rather dodge toddlers. Try The Comedy Zone, Foxcroft Wine, or Snug Harbor.
5. Have you seen an outdoor movie at Craft Growler Shop?
6. Better pubs: RiRa, Tyber Creek, Sir Edmond Halley’s, Connelly’s, and Belfast Mill.
7. We all know the Y in South End is where to have your gym membership.
8. Charlotte loves rooftops, like Whiskey Warehouse, Graham Street Pub, and Fahrenheit.
9. Or TopGolf, Abari, Palmer Street, 820, and Lucky’s.
10. There is no beer list quite like Duckworth’s.
11. Literally anywhere but Suite. Experience live jazz at The Imperial.
12. Or skip the chains and support local: Mimosa Grill, City Smoke, and Mert’s.
13. Okay, Insomnia Cookies is good.
14. It’s unpretentious anddd trashy.
15. Kandy Bar is still open? What about instead trying Bar Cocoa, Dot Dot Dot, or The Backstage Lounge?
16. Everywhere Uptown is a quick walk to Spectrum and BoA. Try Flight, Valhalla Pub, or Draught.
17. Tacos? Try the fish tacos at Bakersfield and $1 taco Tuesday at Sabor.
18. Also walkable: South End, Dilworth, NoDa, and Plaza-Midwood.
19. Always come home with a story, like that time someone got shot? Instead, have fun at game night at Boulevard 1820.
20. I would call the Epicentre a lot of things, but nostalgic is definitely not one. Hence, this list of better things to do.” – V

“Oddly, I have my primary care doctor at the EpiCentre, to the left of Buffalo Wild Wing. I go through this nondescript door and poof, a doctor’s office! They’re awesome.” – M

“My boyfriend and I were pepper sprayed at the EpiCentre. We were just walking out and two guys walked by us and pepper sprayed us. Great night.” – J

“Gaggles of underage drinkers dressed like Barbie dolls and Jersey Shore wannabes makes it kinda depressing, actually.” – E

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending in Charlotte on a young teacher’s $40,000 salary

“First, give this teacher more money!!! Thank you for being in a profession where your students will possibly end up making more money than you but it’s all thanks to you. Second, why are you spending over $600 a year on a workout that you only went to twice that week? There are so many things you can do to stay in shape for free and invest that money. Also look at the yearly cost of Spotify and maybe reallocate that. Bless you for driving a 12 year old car – keep it in good shape and keep driving!” – S

“But you notice that she is still able to have assistance from her parents, which is amazing! Unfortunately, there are many people that are unable to receive assistance from family and have to do it alone. While she is definitely a conscientious spender, she wouldn’t have that money to spend if she paid for all of her bills alone.” – K

In response to: I rode a Bird scooter 14 miles in one day. Here’s what I learned

“These and the bikes are trashing up the city.” – S

“I have nothing against either scooters or bicycles- my anger is with the – ‘I will ride wherever I choose & leave it wherever is convenient for me…no one else in the world matters individual’ – So what if walkers have to jump out of my way or move a scooter in order to open a door.” – T

“You are an idiot. What about tricycles. Where does it end with the ‘rights’… At some point safety and liability becomes a factor. Roads were made for heavy machines.” – J

“When comparing the scooter costs to cars, don’t forget the cost of parking, insurance, and car payment assuming it’s not paid off. 350/mo payment, $150/mo in gas, $75/mo insurance, $125/mo uptown parking….comes in at just over $23/day for a car. I hope the scooters continue to thrive and grow in the dense areas of Charlotte.” – E

“Feet. Use your feet! Bikes and scooters have been proven to be a failure creating more problems than solutions.” – M

“Nearly been struck twice by people driving at full tilt on the sidewalk on the scooters. Plus it looks like an army of kids have abandoned their bikes and scooters uptown. They’re fun they’re great but we need sidewalk etiquette (good luck) and designated places to abandon them other than wherever.” – J

In response to: Confessions of a Charlotte dentist

In response to: Start thinking about daycare before your child is born to get in line on year-long wait lists in Charlotte

“We have twins and should have put ourselves on wait lists the day after our first date. Trying to find two infant spots at a good daycare is like trying to find a unicorn coated in glitter that poops cash.” – L

“Daycare in CLT is a comical joke….we are still on wait lists going on almost 2 years. Huge business opportunity if someone could figure out how to scale, source quality staff, etc.” – B

“Reasonably priced daycare seems like an endangered species. Some of the facilities actually advertise their own trained chefs cooking Asian fusion! Who are they kidding? Kids are fine with broccoli mac and cheese, carrots, and apples. It reminds me of the ‘Early Human School’ from Little Fockers.” – J

In response to: 2ULaundry opening a brick-and-mortar laundromat with Electrolux in an old McDonald’s space

“BRILLIANT – need a location in the Park Rd/ Madison area too! The pickup service is divine but sometimes you just want to do your own and it’s a nice way to meet people believe it or not!” – F

In response to: The country’s largest self-serve taproom is coming to Charlotte

“More taps isn’t necessary a good thing. Kegs turn over slower (so the beer is less fresh) and the lines probably don’t get cleaned as often.” – J

“So much for our bowling alley / gun range idea…” – V

“Automation over jobs… hmmm” – S

“Similar to beer garden in Raleigh, it does well and will be successful with the clientele in Charlotte. It’ll pull people away from actual breweries because you won’t have to tip anyone.” – G

In response to: 9 most-anticipated restaurants and bars opening in Charlotte by end of 2018

“I work in South Park and have to give a shout out to Copain and the new Rooster’s South Park expansion as well. The spaces are coming together really nicely and I’m pretty excited about the wine cellar there!” – J

“I’m not sure what’s up with Plaza projects, but none of them get completed by their estimated open date. Yafo Dilworth will be open before the plaza location..”. – H

In response to: Brewers at 4001 Yancey is now open. 9 things to know about this enormous new Victory and Southern Tier brewery near OMB

“Went last night. Food was amazing, servers and bartenders were on their game especially for an opening night. Merchandise was reasonably priced which was a pleasant surprise compared to other breweries. 16 IPA’s on draft and many different styles (sours, stouts, etc) for people that like all different kinds of beer. Great atmosphere and even better beer!” – S

“Right, but where will one park?” – J

In response to: New Midtown tower fight foreshadows battles between neighborhoods and cranes

“(clutching pearls) Oh my goodness, a tall building is being built within two miles of my neighborhood (/clutching pearls). Seriously, from the potential building to the heart of Myers Park is 1.8 miles. People in Charlotte need to get over themselves. Part of the MPHA reasoning is that “It is out of character with the Cherry neighborhood and adjacent neighborhoods Myers Park and Elizabeth.” First of all, Cherry is now more of a retail area than a neighborhood so it’s not that out of character at all. And second, yes it is out of character for Myers Park and Elizabeth…which is why it’s not being built in Myers Park or Elizabeth. Stop trying to prevent progress people.” – O

In response to: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams opening August 9th in South End —10 insider details to know

“Jeni’s is so, so good. Charlotte won’t know what hit it when this place opens.” – J

“I look forward to being shocked at the price when I buy one scoop of chocolate ice cream.” – N

In response to: Spanish tapas restaurant Bulla Gastrobar now open. View paella octopus, meatballs, ham and cheese balls and more dishes.

“Ted. At Bulla on its opening weekend (Friday night). And 9:45 there were several tables open. Either Charlotte is seriously lacking in culture (likely) or you did a poor job hyping this place up and focused on Shake Shack and Whole Foods. This is easily one of the best tapas restaurants I and my boyfriend (who spent a year in Spain) have ever been to. Part of me doesn’t want it hyped.” – C

In response to: Are the I-77 toll lanes finally about to die?

“OMG just fix it.” -all of Lake Norman

“Still need to make a light rail or train connecting to dt to ease traffic. 485 is 4 lines and still f***ed during rush hour.” – R

“As a CLT unicorn, it’s frustrating to see our state change their mind this far into the deal but it’s probably for the best. They should have ran the light rail up to exit 28 (36 if we were lucky) and filled in the land on either side with more lanes to ease overall congestion. Great idea right? I’m sure someone pitched this to Gov Pat. This will impact other road projects across our state for years to come as we work to pay this debt off. Piss poor planning from the government and now we’ll pay for their mistake.” – L

In response to: Confessions of a Charlotte flight attendant

“Traveling is not a lot of fun from the passengers perspective either. Flight departure and arrival times change and we have little recourse, TSA talks to us like we’re little kids… some friendly (rare) and others clearly do not enjoy working with the public. That diet coke sounds like a huge problem to the flight attendant interviewed…” – R

In response to: 5 things I want to scream at banker bros now that I’m a dad — but I don’t because I’ve been there before

“Happy Father’s Day, Ted! FYI, my dad took me to my first ballgame on a Saturday afternoon when I was 4, first flight when I was 7, and first brewery when I was 21.” – N

“I’m disgusted with you. You give dads a bad name. When I go to OMB with my wife (unlike SOME we pay for a sitter), those ‘bank bruhs’ give me a sense of nostalgia. While I love my life now and wouldn’t change a thing, I look at twenty-something bankers with a sense of kinship and camaraderie. That time was really fun and I miss it.” – W

“My dog knows not to piss on walls, bruh. Control your animal.” – B

“Ted are you seriously complaining about bringing A CHILD to a brewery?” – R

“Its your own fault for going to Sycamore. The crowd there is super young and fresh out of college. They don’t respect your later-in-life biological decisions.” – S

“Tim, Without the ‘banker bros’ in the second-largest banking city in America, you literally wouldn’t be able to have your job. Also, if your kid spills my beer you BETTER BELIEVE I am giving you a dirty look.” – F

“I get it. You regret having a kid, so you try to pretend you’re still a hip guy by dragging the little gene lump around to breweries and events where he not only doesn’t want to be, but isn’t welcome. That piece absolutely dripped of entitled regret and pickled jealousy. I assure you, I will not invite you out for happy hour and it has nothing to do with your inability to have a social life. Get your whining ass back to day care… bruh.” – J

“Awesome article. I’m a father of a 3-year old son (only child) and you couldn’t have spelled it out better (especially with the Wall Urine Decorations). I took him out to a brewery last night with my staff after a long day of training and had a bro cut in front of us and then try and start up a long, flirtatious conversation with the bartender. Just trying to get a pineapple juice and a draft, bruh.” – J

In response to: I won’t apologize for spending a few hundred dollars every weekend on food and beer

“I don’t think the words ‘EpiCentre’ and ‘culture’ belong in the same sentence.” – A

“If you invested that same $1200 a month into a 401k at 10% from Ages 22 to 65 well you would have $9,383,627. Sounds like this person is missing out. Plus that’s a mortgage payment they are wasting.” – M

“$300 a weekend equals $15,000/year. Don’t come crying to me when you’re eating cat food when you’re 80. – H

“I’d gladly spend $200 to get out of doing that stuff…” – A

“Thinking that a “fun weekend” and a “cheap weekend” are mutually exclusive just shows your lack of creativity and maturity. Also the only “culture” at epicenter on a Friday night is growing on the men’s room walls or the bottom of the ice bin in the bars there.” – J

In response to: 10 quick takeaways from my first trip to Superica

“Hi! I have recently, as the rest of Charlotte, fallen in love with the new Tex-Mex spot, Superica. During my last visit, I was shooketh to the core to find out it is not pronounced how I had always dreamed of… Certainly I am not the only one to think it was pronounced soup-air-ica, similar to “America”. However, as confirmed by the manager, it is super-reeca…..which makes me think of a cheap bar in Myrtle Beach. Please tell me I am not the only one to think this and please tell me we can have a petition to change it (haha, kidding, but not).” – C

In response to: Will sports gambling come to North Carolina? Don’t bet on it

“Here’s how sports betting will come to NC, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee will allow sports gaming and our residents will pour over the borders to happily give our money to those states. It will take a few years but the state will finally see that standing on principles (hahahaha) is costing us tons of money. However, our state legislators have a tremendous history of ignoring data to appease backwoods country bumpkins that cling to their 8th grade education like they cling to their cousin on Valentine’s day.” – O

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