What I love most about my neighborhood of Myers Park

What I love most about my neighborhood of Myers Park
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When I tell people I live in Myers Park, I prepare myself for what inevitably comes next. My residential disclosure is usually met with a nod, a half smile and an “Oh.” Sometimes, I’ll even get comments about money (I’m a writer, I have none) or about Croakie-wearing men with frat boy swoops who frequent Selwyn Pub. Whether founded or unfounded, it seems almost everyone has something to say about my neighborhood.

I’ve grown to love my little corner of Charlotte in Myers Park. In honor of my little corner, here are the top ten reasons why I love Myers Park.

(1) Restaurants. I live within walking distance or have easy access to delicious restaurants of varying price points. My favorite restaurant is Good Food on Montford. A tapas style restaurant, Good Food is perfect for a night out with friends or for a date. Get the Prince Edward Island Mussels and order extra bread to sop up the green curry sauce. Some other favorites of mine include Nolen Kitchen, littleSpoon and The Roasting Company.

I had dreams about these coconut curry mussels! @jkukski626


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(2) Patios. There is nothing like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful. Selwyn Avenue Pub with televisions, couches and fire pits, has one of the best patios around. You may even get to see a frat swoop haircut in person. I give Brazwell’s Premium Pub, Sir Edmond Halley’s and 10 Park Lanes honorable mentions.

(3) Jeff’s Bucket Shop. If you haven’t been to Jeff’s yet, I’m sorry. With a nominal membership fee, you can watch patrons sing his/her heart out for a few minutes of fame. You may even feel the call to jump on stage and rediscover your childhood dream of singing karaoke to “Ice Ice Baby” and rocking a mic like a vandal.

(4) Petit Philippe. A shop specializing in wine and home made chocolate owned and operated by husband and wife, Mark Meissner and Casey Hickey. Come in and get a flight of wine and don’t leave without trying a piece of chocolate. I highly recommend the OMG.


(5) Get outside and be active. With the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, Freedom Park, the Booty Loop and sidewalks throughout the neighborhoods, it’s easy to get outside and be active.

sugar-creek-greenway-trees freedom-park-charlotte-nc

(6) BlackHawk Hardware. Even if you don’t have home repairs to make, BlackHawk is a great store to peruse while eating free popcorn.

(7) Reid’s Fine Foods Market. More than a neighborhood market, my favorite part of Reid’s is the bistro inside. On Wednesdays, glasses of wine are half price and I have said for years that Reid’s has the best burger in Charlotte. I still stand by that statement.

(8) Friendly neighbors. When I’m out walking my dog, neighbors stop me to talk about the weather or my crazy dog. It took me a while to get used to this as the last place I lived wasn’t very ‘neighborly’. Now I love when people wave and say hi to Smitty and me.

erin-maddrey-and friends

(9) The trees on Queens Road West. Whether in the full bloom of spring, the vibrant colors of fall, or the bare branches of winter, the trees that line Queens Road West are breathtaking


(10) Park Road Shopping Center. With restaurants, shops and a movie theater, I find that I am here at least twice a week for groceries, dinner with friends or to see a movie.

As with all neighborhoods, you take the good and the bad, but it’s the good that keeps you there. If you haven’t been to Myers Park lately, you should stop by and give it a chance. Also, if you happen to see a crazy lady running after a blonde fluffy dog with a wild look in his eyes, say hi as that is most likely me.

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