Your guide to 40+ yoga studios in the Charlotte area, including styles and pricing

Your guide to 40+ yoga studios in the Charlotte area, including styles and pricing
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This list was updated October 2019.

Yoga is huge in the Charlotte area. We’ve already taken a look at where to find free and cheap yoga classes around town. Now, here’s a list of the studios from South Carolina all the way up to the lake that built this thriving fitness community.

Location: Myers Park (1043 Providence Road), SouthPark (532 Governor Morrison Street)
Style: Aerial
Rates: $30/class

Location: South End (125 Winona Street)
Style: Hot
Rates: $20/class, $60-$99/month


Balance Yoga and Massage
Location: Tega Cay (2435 Highway 160 West)
Style: Hot 26, yin, hatha, hot
Rates: $16/class, $145/month, $750-$1,300 for unlimited classes

Bellies + Babies
Location: 5109 Monroe Road
Style: Prenatal, prenatal slow flow, mom + baby
Rates: $15/class

Be Yoga
Location: Dilworth (1247 East Blvd., Suite 250)
Style: Vinyasa flow, deep stretch, restorative yin
Rates: $9-$18/class,$90-$119/month

Charlotte Family Yoga Center
Location: Highland Creek
Style: Baptiste-inspired hot flow, slow flow, prenatal
Rates: $12-$20/class, $90-$140/month

Charlotte Meditation
Location: Eastover (725 Providence Road)
Style: Laughter yoga

Charlotte Nude Yoga (Men only)
Location: Varies by class; requires membership for access
Style: nude
Rates: $15/class

Charlotte Yoga
Location: Montford (1730 East Woodlawn Road), South End (1428 Winnifred Street)
Style: Hot karma vinyasa, hot vinyasa, hot slow vinyasa
Rates: $20/class, $119-$169/month

CorePower Yoga
Location: Park Road Shopping Center (540 Brandywine Road)
Style: Flow, hot, Savasana, sculpt
Rates: $25/class, $139/month

Cornwell Center
Location: Myers Park (2001 Selwyn Avenue)
Style: Gentle, deep stretch, power sculpt, power
Rates: $12/class, $22-$87/month

Enlighten Yoga
Location: Blakeney (9852 Rea Road)
Style: Ashtanga, hot yoga, yoga for kids, yoga for athletes, prenatal, power vinyasa, yin
Rates: $18/class, $115-$150/month

Gotta Yoga
Location: Cornelius (19911 North Cove Road), Mooresville (647 Brawley School Road)
Style: Vinyasa, strengthen, gentle, beginner’s, prenatal, restorative, aerial
Rates: $8-$16/class, $60-$149/month

Iyengar Yoga Charlotte
Location: Elizabeth (1940 East 8th Street)
Style: Iyengar
Rates: $12-$18/class

Levine JCC of Charlotte
Location: Providence Road (5007 Providence Road)
Style: Hatha, slow flow, gentle, flow, Ashtanga, power flow, yin, barre flow
Rates: Free with membership

Lotus Living Arts
Location: Concord (30 Union Street South)
Style: Vinyasa, hot vinyasa, kundalini, curvy, long slow deep release, yin, fusion, slow flow, restorative
Rates: $5-$10/class, $45-$120 for class passes

Melting Point Hot Yoga
Location: Birkdale (9526 Birkdale Crossing Drive)
Style: Hot (vinyasa, slow flow, stretch, Hot 26, deep stretch, deep stretch for athletes, core power) and non-hot (slow flow, vinyasa, yogalates, core)
Rates: $16/class, $135/month

Mint Hill Yoga
Location: Mint Hill (7714 Matthews Mint Hill Road)
Style: Asana, therapeutic gentle, prenatal, curvy fusion, alignment
Rates: $10-$15/class, packages vary

Move Studio
Location: Plaza Midwood (1111 Hawthorne Lane)
Style: Vinyasa flow
Rates: $10-$15/class, $65/month

NC Yoga Bar
Location: Varies
Style: power yoga
Rates: $10/class, $40-$100 for passport

NoDa Yoga
Location: NoDa (3201 North Davidson Street)
Style: Vinyasa, slow flow, deep stretch, yin, gentle, restorative
Rates: $8-$16/class, $110-$130/month

Okra Yoga
Location: Plaza Midwood (1912 Commonwealth Avenue)
Style: Chillax, yoga roots, deep stretch, yin, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, primal
Rates: $8-$16/class, $108-$130/month

Om Yoga
Location: Fort Mill (936 Market Street)
Style: Hot, power, deep stretch, prenatal, kids
Rates: $18/class, $109-$150/month

On Track Yoga
Location: Mount Holly (127 South Main Street)
Style: Slow flow, Ashtanga, stretch + restore, flow, aerial
Rates: $8-$14/class, $110/month

The Peaceful Dragon
Location: Steele Creek (12610 Steele Creek Road)
Style: Unity
Rates: $20/class

Queen City Yoga
Location: 8514 McAlpine Park Drive
Style: Alignment, chair
Rates: $12/class

Recreation Ministry
Location: Covenant Presbyterian Church (1000 East Morehead Street)
Style: Deep stretch, yin flow, prayer, gentle, seated
Rates: $1-$3/visit, $15-$30/month

River Flow Holistic
Location: Carmel (6303 Carmel Road)
Style: Holistic, Ki Gong Fit, Ki Gong/Tai Chi, meditation
Rates: $180-$1,100 for memberships

Roper Physical Therapy
Location: South End (301 East Tremont Avenue)
Style: Pilates yoga, Medical Therapeutic, yoga for athletes and corporations
Rates: $110 for 5 classes

Simply. Wellness
Location: Belmont (6425 Wilkinson Boulevard)
Style: Flow, gentle restore, slow flow, hot power flow, deep stretch, kids, Nidra, EmPower
Rates: $16/class, $39-$110/month

Location: South End (3722 South Tryon Street)
Style: Hot Vinyasa, non-hot Vinyasa, deep stretch
Rates: $20/class, $144.99-$299.99/month

Synergy Yoga & Wellness
Location: Rock Hill (111 Caldwell Street)
Style: gentle, hot flow, power vinyasa, prenatal, restorative, Nia (blend of dance, martial and healing arts)
Rates: $16/class, $69-89

Tryon Street Yoga
Location: Uptown (101 South Tryon Street, 550 South Tryon Street)
Style: Vinyasa flow, hot, Yin, power flow, Jivamukti, sculpt, PiYo, candlelight
Rates: $20/class

Location: SouthPark
Style: Hot power flow, deep stretch, non-heated power flow, Rocket
Rates: $20/class, $115-$155/month

Y2 Yoga
Location: Cotswold (274 South Sharon Amity Road)
Style: Hot Vinyasa, deep stretch, kids, meditation, flow
Rates: $22/class, $39-$159/month

Location: Huntersville (10020 Edison Square Drive Northwest)
Style: Athlete’s, deep stretch, gentle, heated, restorative, relax and renew, slow flow, flow, ease
Rates: $16/class, $109-$140/month

YMCA of Greater Charlotte
Location: Harris, Lake Norman, Dowd, Siskey, Morrison Family, Ballantyne Village, Johnston, Harris Express, Gateway Village, University City, Lowe’s, Simmons
Style: varies
Rates: Free with Y membership (rates vary)

YWCA of Charlotte
Location: Park Road (3420 Park Road)
Style: Varies
Rates: Free with membership (rates vary)

Yoga for Life
Location: Wesley Heights (1410 West Morehead Street)
Style: Chair, curvy, gentle, restorative, Yoga for Cancer, meditation, prenatal
Rates: $10-$20/class, $159/month)

Yoga Oasis
Location: Sedgefield (5200 Park Road)
Style: Yin, Yin/Stillness & Yang/Movement, Hatha, deep stretch, hot
Rates: $25/class, $70-$89/month

Yoga One
Location: Plaza Midwood (1318 Central Avenue), Dilworth (2230 Park Road)
Style: Power flow, slow flow, deep stretch, prenatal, kids, mommy & mini
Rates: $18/class, $110-$135/month

Yoga Shala Charlotte
Location: Online only
Style: Tantra vinyasa
Rates: $24/class, $105 for 5 classes

Yoga Warrior Studio
Location: Dilworth (801 Baxter Street)
Style: Vinyasa, yoga for athletes
Rates: $100/month

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