Taking a baby to the Charlotte Airport Overlook

Taking a baby to the Charlotte Airport Overlook
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I don’t understand how planes fly. How does a heavy metal cylinder fly through the air? Doesn’t make any sense.

I know this may sound illogical – I hate flying, but I love airports.

I love looking at the Brooks Brothers shop on the way to the E Concourse and wondering why anybody would ever shop at that location (and does Brooks Brothers view this store as a marketing expense instead of a profit driver)? I love staring at the 40-year-old man checking his blackberry (still exists?) while drinking a 20oz beer from Whiskey River at 10:07am. I love the time that I was over served at Phillips Seafood with my high school friends because our bachelor party flight was delayed 4 hours. I love staring at the CLT Newsstand NYTimes Best Seller List trying to decide whether to binge read a Clive Cussler or John Grisham book.

And, I love watching planes.

And, I love my baby and my baby momma.

And, somebody once told me that we have an airport overlook area for plane viewing.

So on Saturday at 10am, I thought to myself “Why don’t I combine all the things I love in life (wife, baby, airports without travel, beer and plane viewing) into one epic trip?”

So, I googled “Charlotte Airport Overlook” which lead me to a surprisingly insightful Facebook Page. I sent the link to my wife (she’s the family navigator because I have no skills) and packed the car.

We were ready to watch some planes!

Wait, I needed beer. So, I opened the refrigerator only to notice we no longer had any NoDa Cavu or Jam Session remaining. Ugh… I should have signed up for Brewpublik. Good news. I’ve been keeping a spare 12 pack of warm Yuengling in the basement for emergency. Watching planes without beer? That’s an emergency. So, I packed a cooler.

beer charlotte basement

beer cooler charlotte

From our house, it’s an easy 17-minute drive to the airport.


driving to charlotte airport

Agenda Pro Tip #1: As you get close to the airport, near the old rental car area, take the “Airport Exit” on your right – we missed it because I was driving and not listening to my wife. I always claim “As the crow flies, I feel like it’s over there.”

Agenda Pro Tip #2: Always listen to your wife.

charlotte airport overlook sign

As we approached the Airport Overlook, I immediately learned two things: (1) No beer allowed and (2) there is a nice bike path that leads all the way there.

charlotte airport overlook bike path

charlotte airport rules and hours

I decided not to drink my beer for three reasons: (1) Warmish Yuengling sounded terrible, (2) it was 95 degrees out and (3) my wife is a huge rule follower. Let’s be honest, it was really because my wife told me not to.

charlotte airport overlook bench

charlotte airport overlook benches and tables

Planes on planes on planes.

Is it weird that we’re watching planes while you’re probably at a brewery? Nice little plane watching Saturday…

A video posted by Axios Charlotte (@charlotteagenda) on

Honestly, I loved it. Even in the heat.

Agenda Pro Tip #3: This is not a romantic spot. Lots of kids running around. Don’t bring a fine cheese plate and a bottle of wine. It’s more of a Bud Heavy spot, not a ’97 Pinot spot.

The planes! How do they do this?

airport overlook view charlotte

airport overlook plane take off charlotte

The only person that loved it more than I did was my 9-month-old son. But alas, we forgot sunscreen and it was 95 degrees, so we left after 12 minutes.


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