5 men’s styles you can create at Buffalo Exchange, and how much each costs

5 men’s styles you can create at Buffalo Exchange, and how much each costs
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I spend way too much time at the popular thrift shop in Plaza Midwood Buffalo Exchange.

Buffalo Exchange buys and sells pre-loved clothes from select brands. We’re talking heavy hitters of hipness, like H&M, Forever 21, Converse, and Nike.

Buffalo Exchange’s proximity to the cultural heartbeat of the city brings in a constant rotation of sellers. This means you’re going to encounter cooler finds and better deals more often than your average thrift store.

Buffalo Exchange comes across as guy-friendly as well.

Probably half the people there on a given day are guys shopping with other guys, which is rare for any clothing retailer.

Fellas who want to step up their fashion game will find Buffalo Exchange less intimidating than a trendy boutique, and easier on the wallet than a mall store.

Pro tip: Use a social network like Pinterest or Instagram to find outfits to recreate and modify. It’ll help you navigate through the racks of long-fits and high-tops to find a style that turns heads, whether you’re patio hopping on a Sunday afternoon, grabbing lunch with your boss, or emptying pints at a brewery.

Check out these five styles you can create today at Buffalo Exchange, and how much each’ll run you.


A look inside Buffalo Exchange. Their exact Plaza Midwood address is 1521 Central Ave. Photo via Buffalo Exchange


H&M t-shirt – $7.50
Alternative joggers – $15.50
Urban Outfitters flannel – $16.50
Vans that kind of look like Uggs and didn’t work as well as I hoped they would – $24

Total Cost: $63.50



Zara Man shirt – $14.50
Joe’s jeans – $30
Nikes – $36

Total Cost: $80.50



ASOS distressed tunic – $16.50
Forever 21 distressed jeans – $13
Converse All-Stars, which were peer pressured by the rest of the outfit into becoming distressed – $45

Total Cost: $74.50


Business Casual

Tavik slacks – $18
Catch Surf flannel – $19.50
The shoes I wore to the store that day, and accompanying realization that this is my aesthetic now – $0

Total Cost: $37.50



Iron Maiden t-shirt (no, I can’t name five of their songs) – $13.50
H&M joggers – $13
Nikes – $37

Total Cost: $63.50


Now there’s some Instagramability that you don’t want to miss out on, guys.

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