What’s the status on Red Clay Ciderworks?

What’s the status on Red Clay Ciderworks?
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News Briefing

If you don’t follow the Charlotte beverage scene (which you should), a cider company called Red Clay Ciderworks is opening in South End. For you beverage newbies, Red Clay Ciderworks is a “small start-up cidery specializing in small batch hard ciders made from locally sourced apples.” View their Kickstarter campaign

Current Status from Red Clay Ciderworks (as of 7 am on April 15th):

“So at this point, we are working like mad on the build-out and up-fit of the building. Our floor drain systems have been installed, walls have been framed, built, and drywalled. The bar has been framed in, and all the rough electrical and heating is almost done. Most of our major equipment has arrived including three 30 barrel fermentation tanks, three 15 barrel fermentation tanks, two 15 barrel Brite tanks for carbonating, a keg washer, and a bottling system. We also have plenty of bourbon barrels for aging cider! Those offerings probably won’t be ready until mid June or early July.”


  • Currently scheduled to have a few a soft openings and/or launch parties in mid-May. 
  • Opening will likely be early June.
  • Tap room is 1,300 square feet. Production facility in the back is huge – 8,500 square feet.
  • Red Clay Cider core team: Jamie Bradish, Jay Bradish, Deanna Bradish & Jonathon Repholz. Know more.
  • Shortly after opening, Red Clay Ciderworks plans on having a few local beers on draft as well as regional ciders.
  • Eventually will have a “bottle shop” type offering where visitors can purchase a fairly wide array of bottled and canned craft ciders from around both the country and the world.


outside red clay ciderworks charlotte

inside red clay ciderworks






“Charlotte’s brewing community has been super awesome.” – Jonathan Repoholz from Red Clay Ciderworks.

Talking Points

  • It’s likely that 2-5 local breweries around Charlotte will serve Red Clay Ciderworks on draft shortly after they launch. It’s cool that this is complimentary to the growing brewery scene in town. 
  • Very bullish on this operation.
  • Bar will be up-fitted with USB wall outlets because no bartender likes to deal with charging people’s phones (Birdsong has this too). 
  • Follow Red Clay Ciderworks progress on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
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