Why you should be driving to Waxhaw, NC right now: My lunch at Provisions Food & Drink

Why you should be driving to Waxhaw, NC right now: My lunch at Provisions Food & Drink
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The sleepy town of Waxhaw, NC has long been on my list of day trips from Charlotte. From the farm land to the trains that run straight through the center of town, it embodies the spirit of the simple life.



Heritage Food & Drink helped to put Waxhaw on the map with their focus on locally grown produce and even has a “Farmers & Friends” section of their website. The cuisine is wonderfully American Nouveau Comfort Food and worth every minute of the drive.


When I received word that Paul Verica, owner and executive chef of Heritage, would be joining forces with Walter Drozd, his sous chef from the Club at Longview, to launch a sandwich shop in Provisions Local Market, I revved up my Prius (Penelope) and hit the road.

Thirty-nine minutes of stellar car dancing later, I walked through the front door of Provisions Food & Drink and found my way to the sandwich line.

It’s a full local market with great groceries to stock up on after you have your meal. The menu has something for everyone – from fresh salads and soups to meat-laden sandwiches to pacify the cravings of any self-proclaimed carnivore.








Recommended Dishes:

  • The Dog ($8.50) is a Hebrew National hot dog, guacamole, onion, hot pepper relish, pork cracklings, cheddar cheese. This was a mess of goodness sitting at the very top of the sandwich section of the menu. There was an overabundance of cracklings that made it nearly impossible to get them into each bite. I dreamed that the chefs crumbled the cracklings and used shredded cheddar (instead of the sliced that were partially melted on top). It was almost perfect, but I was forced to return to the good old fork and knife in order to get all the components together.


  • Caesar Salad ($7.50) with romaine, croutons, cherry tomatoes, and “good cheese.” For $4, you can also add a perfectly grilled and sliced chicken breast. The tomatoes could have been their own main event. Their bright, bursting flavors made them that sparkling part of salad that you actively dig to find.


  • The Side of Potato Salad (Complimentary with sandwiches) is the side I love to eat, then forget. This time, the potato salad had something else in mind. It delivered on the expected cold, creamy, starchy potato flavor with good seasoning, but then it attacked you with a punch of raw garlic that was wholly surprising. Garlic haters beware, but I was thrilled along with any other Emeril Lagasse aficionado. BAM!


Other Dishes to Consider:

  • Roasted Tomato Bisque with Grilled Cheese Croutons ($5). Everything about this sounds absolutely incredible. I guess I’ll just have to come back.
  • Smoked Turkey, Avocado, Tomatoes, Sriracha Aioli, Bacon, Swiss Cheese ($9). I experienced extreme FOMO when seeing this sandwich on a tray, gallivanting within my reach, then being placed at another table. It was just plain mean.
  • Rocky Road Bar ($3.49). A brownie smattered with chocolate chips, toasted marshmellows, and pecans caught my attention on our way out. Don’t let that dessert display up in front slip past you!


VERDICT: It was a wonderful day trip and will be on my list for fun Saturday excursions with the family!  Take note they offer curbside pick up with 30 minutes notice, so it’s a blessing for road trippers heading in that direction!


Provisions Food & Drink – $$ out of $$$$
107 W. South Main Street
Waxhaw, NC 28173
(704) 256-3642

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