Mini Guide: 5 things to know about the new Lincoln’s Haberdashery in South End

Mini Guide: 5 things to know about the new Lincoln’s Haberdashery in South End
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Lincoln’s Haberdashery, a beautifully designed urban market, is now open in South End.

Lincoln’s Haberdashery is owned by Michael Shortino, who also owns popular ramen spot Futo Buta around the corner. Similar to Futo Buta, Michael brings incredible design taste to the space and a commitment to only the best food and drink.

Prices aren’t cheap at Lincoln’s Haberdashery (most sandwiches alone are over $9) — but it’s clear that this urban market is targeting a more high-end consumer that doesn’t mind paying a few dollars more for higher quality.

Hours are Monday – Friday 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday – Sunday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Here are five things to know about the new market.



(1) Top selling menu items include the Mary’s Muffin breakfast sandwich, Banh Joe V sandwich and the Garbage Can pre-made salad.

Bread is baked in-house and you can buy a fresh loaf for $4 while supplies last.


Mary’s Muffin ($9) – Scrambled egg, tomato, mayonnaise, and bacon (can substitute for ham or avocado). Add cheese for $1.25.


Banh Joe V ($9.75) – roasted pork loin, pickled carrot, jalapeño, cilantro, foie aioli on made freshly daily country loaf bread.


Garbage Can Salad ($10.50) – iceburg, poached chicken, bacon, avocado, blue cheese, green onion, egg, cauliflower seeds, salumi, tomato with peppercorn ranch dressing.

(2) Wine prices range from about $12 to $100+ and it’s free to uncork them in the market.

You can also buy beers by the can, wine by the glass and a mimosa kit – yes, a mimosa kit.


Lower priced wines are on the bottom, higher priced wines are on the top. Oh, they’ve also got a $17 white wine in the cooler that looks like a forty.

(3) The pastries are fresh, in-house and compare to Amelie’s

Pastries have been very popular at Lincoln’s Haberdashery.

You’ll find them in a large case near the register.


lincoln's haberdashery pastry

(4) With all the nooks and fast WiFi, Lincoln’s Haberdashery makes for the perfect quick meeting spot.

It sucks that all the spots out front are one-hour parking, but the comfortable, stylish coffee shop vibe has multiple nooks and hasn’t been slammed so far. Tables have always been available every time I’ve visited.

The WiFi password is “honestabe” —  all lowercase, one word.

It’s time to mix it up from your usual Starbucks on East Boulevard coffee shop meeting location.

lincoln's haberdashery seating south end

lincoln's haberdashery 1


lincoln's haberdashery mural

(5) The homemade ice cream options are super funky

You can find the ice cream in a small cooler on the left side of the main space. Flavors change daily and include funky recipes like:  Frozen Forager (portabella, mushroom and chocolate), Peach on the Beach (vanilla sour, rosemary and apricots) and the Chocolate Bacon (smoked bacon with chocolate chips and bread crumbs). Ice cream containers are $5.50 each.

Even tastier than the ice cream is the soft serve behind the counter. It’s $5 for a swirl. Oh, and if you love beer and soft serve, order their Drunken Moo Juice ($7), a porter beer ice cream float.


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