Lowe’s just landed #9 on Forbes’ list of Most Engaged Companies – 9 Lowe’s employees tell us why

Lowe’s just landed #9 on Forbes’ list of Most Engaged Companies – 9 Lowe’s employees tell us why
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In partnership with Lowe’s Careers

We’re always proud to have Lowe’s global HQ right here in the Charlotte area, but it’s especially cool when the company lands on lists like Forbes’ Most Engaged Companies, on which they ranked #9.

What is it that Lowe’s staffers do, in a variety of roles, that leads to this type of relationship with the customer? We got the inside scoop from 9 “Lowes-ers” on how their positions contribute to the brand’s mission and customer satisfaction.


Michelle Brown – Director of Online Merchandising

Team: Lowe’s Digital

“Over the course of my 13 years at Lowe’s, I have been given some pretty amazing opportunities. Currently, I lead a team of very talented Online Merchants, which rapidly quadrupled in size in less than two years. … Lowes.com sells over 400,000 products, and our team is responsible for making sure our customers can find all of them. We ensure the customers get the information they need to gain confidence in buying anything from a drill to a full custom kitchen.”

Jessie Dodson – Merchandising Manager

Team: Millwork

“I know this may sound cliché, but I get to work with an extremely talented, hardworking and fun group of people (they’re next level!).  I also really enjoy the fast pace of working for a large retailer. The retail environment is constantly changing and that provides a lot of really fun and interesting opportunities to provide solutions for our Customers. … With the retail environment being what it is, we work to align in-store, online and in-home resources to provide an experience that allows us to interact with the customer wherever and however they choose, whenever they choose to!”

Elaine Bryant – Senior Product Manager, Digital Engagement Programs

Team: Lowe’s Digital

“The work is inspiring. It’s result oriented and collaborative. We’re advancing the customer experience by helping the customer make more informed buying decisions through reviews & content. We’re offering customers new ways to engage us, and in the case of messaging (text us), we’re changing the dynamics of the conversation benefitting the customer and our agents. And the work doesn’t stop there. We’re collecting and analyzing every touchpoint to use the voice of the customer to influence change. The potential seems unlimited. The benefits far reaching. The work, very rewarding.”

Nate Whitten – Director, Item Set-Up & Maintenance Center of Excellence

Team: CCO Operations

“My team drives content enrichment of products on Lowes.com that enable an impactful content experience for our customers. When the customer shops for a product on our website, we want to make sure the right level of detail is there for them to make a purchase.”

Elyse Blouin – Marketing Director, Digital Media

Team: Marketing

“Through Social Media, we’re able to be on the front lines with customers, helping answer questions, field concerns, and gain insight into how our products and services are helping customers every day.”

Kristal Courter – Director, Customer Insights

Team: Data, Analytics, and Customer Insights (DACI)

“My role provides critical insights about our valued customers. When we truly understand and embrace these insights, we engage with customers on a whole new level.”

Sarah Dodd – Vice President, Pricing, Promotions & Credit

 Team: CCO Operations

“We ensure that our products are priced competitively every day and that we deliver meaningful promotions for our customers. We also give our customers confidence in our pricing with a price match policy, military discount, and 5% off when using the Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card.”

Liz Wilson – Global Brand Director – Craftsman

Team: Global Sourcing

“Leadership at Lowe’s is truly genuine with our purpose… they understand that being customer-centric starts with a commitment to the Lowe’s teams, trusting us to do what’s “right” for the customer.  Trust in our ability to deliver means everything! … I’ll lead the launch of the Craftsman brand within Lowe’s, an opportunity to engage with a customer who appreciates the legacy of a brand over time. Lowe’s is one of those legacy brands I’m proud to be a part of!”

Derrick Wood – VP, Brand, Content and Advertising

Team: Marketing

“… Home is so important to all of us and there’s nothing more meaningful than to know that we are here to help. We all want to help them love where they live and find the confidence to complete their own projects. I have the honor of building the Lowe’s brand and what we stand for through our advertising. Whether it’s TV commercials, radio ads or our digital content, we make sure the Lowe’s brand is helpful and friendly like a neighbor would be.”

Responses have been lightly edited for clarity and brevity.

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Note: This content was co-created with our partner, Lowe’s. 

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