Cookie Dough Bliss, a raw cookie dough bar, is now open in Concord and signing on more Charlotte-area franchises

Cookie Dough Bliss, a raw cookie dough bar, is now open in Concord and signing on more Charlotte-area franchises
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Cookie Dough Bliss, a new cookie dough bar, is now open near Concord Mills.

It’s located about 15 miles north of Charlotte at 8415 Pit Stop Court NW, Concord NC 28027.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a cookie dough bar, it’s kind of like an ice cream shop but instead of the familiar frozen treat they’re serving up scoops of raw gourmet cookie dough in cups, cones, pops, pies and more.

When I wrote about Charlotte needing a cookie dough shop back in May, I immediately got an email from the owner saying Cookie Dough Bliss was on the way. Ask and it is given.

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The dough comes in more than a dozen standard flavors like snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, red velvet, cake batter and peanut butter, as well as seasonal features and vegan and gluten-free options.

By the scoop, it’s $4 for 1, $6 for 2 and $8 for 3. Add $0.75 for a cone and $0.35 per topping.

You can also go for a more decadent specialty treat — yes, it gets more decadent — like a cookie dough shake ($5.75) or cookie dough sundae ($10).

The signature Bliss Ice Cream Bar ($5.50) features two slabs of raw chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed with vanilla ice cream.

Or go for the cookie dough sandwich ($5.50), which is two baked cookies stuffed with your choice of raw cookie dough or ice cream.

Cookie dough sandwich stuffed with vegan brownie batter

Cookie Dough Bliss has major expansion plans in the works and is the first cookie dough company in the country to offer franchising opportunities.

According to their website, the franchise fee is $10,000 with a total investment under $75,000 for a typical 900-square-foot store.

They’ve already announced a forthcoming Waxhaw location opening soon.

Wait a minute… Haven’t we always been told not to eat raw cookie dough?

Yes, the risk of getting Salmonella from raw eggs or E. coli from raw flour is why the FDA (and probably your grandmother) strongly advises against eating raw cookie dough.

But cookie dough shops like Cookie Dough Bliss pass the food safety test by using pasteurized eggs and heat-treated, ready-to-eat flour to create raw cookie dough that’s safe for consumption.

Still, NYC-based viral cookie dough sensation DŌ café is being sued by customers who claim the “completely safe” raw dough still made them sick. The shop says it will “fully and faithfully defend ourselves against any and all false accusations.”

Personally, I’m taking my chances. But if you’re not so sure, they sell baked cookies too.

A cookie sandwich with chocolate chip cookies stuffed with vegan brownie batter and a custom sundae with cake batter cookie dough, chocolate ice cream and a chocolate chip cookie

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