Mailbag: Top 35 feedback letters on annoying Charlotteans, datings apps, French villages, beer and apartments

Mailbag: Top 35 feedback letters on annoying Charlotteans, datings apps, French villages, beer and apartments
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback, this is not close to everything (it’s about 2%), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: 15 most annoying types of Charlotteans, ranked

“Nailed it!! This #1 Charlotte Know-It-All (Thanks Axios Charlotte) is married to #2 Beer Snob and our #4 Payroll Millennial lives in our bonus room. And we do live in Myers Park because we can : ). I <3 Charlotte.” – C

“Complete crap. It’s insulting and makes Charlotte look really bad. Very disappointing. I was born in Charlotte, and yes, I run into the occasional old friend from elementary school or a relative. Why is this a bad thing?” – E

“Even though I know this is in jest, I am assuming based on the types listed in the article you have called out and alienated many of your daily readers. I think that your publication does a good job of keeping us updated on the culture, activities, and lifestyle and I am not sure how putting people down, and stereotyping, fits in to what you are trying to do.” – J

“Ha! Except it’s probably not actually 15 types, because the Parents’ Payroll Millennial IS the Brewery Fashionista, and after she marries the Eternal Frat Boy they move south and become the Ballantyne Defenders. After a few years, he’s the Aggressive Driver on I77 and she’s the Instagramming Parent. (And the Cocky Creative and the Do-Gooder get together to enjoy their mutual Beer Snobbery until they become Charlotte Haters and eventually leave.) Cute & funny piece. I’m sure you’ll get lots of complaints.” – L

“#4 is what in Dallas we called the $40,000 Millionaire. Brand new BMW/Mercedes, drinks out every night, $1500 purses etc.” – J

“I am #14. Ask my husband – when we go somewhere and I don’t see anyone I know, he’s shocked.” – E

“One more: #16 The “I know not using hands-free devices while driving is now the leading cause of car and pedestrian accidents in Charlotte, but I’m better than anyone else, so I’m gonna text and talk while eating my BEC anyway because I don’t value anything except my personal, immediate comfort ”Charlottean.” – S

“#16 people who write about Charlotte “culture” but can’t be bothered by the very people that make it what it is. (Stay at Buffalo Wild Wings)” – F

“#16 Ted” – C

In response to: Ultra-elite dating app The League launches in Charlotte next week with $200 membership fee

“What is the go-to app for us mere mortals? Tinder, Bumble? Very single guy asking.” – S

“Maybe I can start in Triple A and play my way into The League.” – A

“So it’s for rich people who will only date/marry other rich people, further consolidating their wealth? Sounds like 18th England: can’t marry out of your class; upward mobility is vulgar.” – K

“Dating apps in charlotte are helpful if you are looking to (a) match and never meet (b) move to the suburbs (c) become a step father.” – J

In response to: You can rent your own 14-acre island on Lake Wylie for less than $200/night

“What could possibly go wrong on Copperhead Island?” – W

“LOL, people have been camping there for free as long as I can remember.” – E

In response to: Craft beer now costs $13.25 at Hornets games after substantial price increase

“When the beers cost more than upper-level weeknight tickets, you have a problem.” – R

“Perhaps everyone should just refuse to buy it and see what happens!” – M

“The team is terrible, but at least the beer is overpriced.” – A

In response to: 74 new townhomes priced in the low $300,000s coming to West End

“Issue is then that a lot of these places have $300+ monthly HOAs” – R

“Ahhhh…gentrification.” – S

“Wow. Back in the day you didn’t go over there after certain hours.” – E

“Pretty bummed that they’re demoing an enormous historic home for developments like this.” – J

In response to: Tiny subdivision of 17 homes creates “French Village” with cobblestone streets and listings from $700K to $1.5M

“Pretty sure it’s cheaper to move to France.” – J

“They’re right, it calls to mind a French Village, which would have businesses and small shops nearby. So it begs the question: what’s the point of these if it’s in the suburbs??” – M

In response to: Stop complaining about all the apartments in Charlotte

“People aren’t complaining about apartments being built. They’re complaining that they’re 1) tearing down well-loved establishments to build them (e.g. P Stone and Jack’s) and 2) building hideous monstrosities that don’t fit into the neighborhood (e.g. Plaza Midwood).” – M

“You’re missing the point.. We need housing here because many people a day are moving to Charlotte. However, we need housing at all price ranges because not everybody is working at a big bank. They might be cleaning the big bank, though, and they still deserve safe and an affordable housing.” – S

In response to: Construction Update – Charlotte’s first self-serve craft beer bar is targeting a November opening

“Yay! Less jobs for servers and bartenders. 🙁 Count me in as one who will never enter the doors. I hope others feel the same. One day, it might be your job automated.” – J

“Will the machine ignore me for 10 minutes chatting with it’s friends or whoever it’s trying to hook up with that night? Plus I kind of like tipping a dollar every time I want the cap taken off my beer.” – W

In response to: Chem 101 – Ashley, Ryan and an ‘interesting,’ spur of the moment date at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

“Kylie, if you knew Ashley was a Alabama fan, you could have given Ryan a tip about it and maybe Ryan would have discussed Alabama receivers’ routes with her or college football in general… I feel like that would have impressed an SEC school graduate.” – D

In response to: Luxury hotel-on-wheels debuts in Charlotte to compete against air travel

“This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.” – C

“Does this count as camping?” – M

“HAHA the good times that would go down in this. Let’s take this baby boy to Litchfield.” – L

“Let’s take this on a mountain weekend trip. If the kids drive us insane, we can drink – M what an awesome alternative to flying!!!” – M

“Do I get the captains chair or the bed?!” – F

In response to: This 1,900-home Waxhaw neighborhood has jaw-dropping amenities for $61 per month

“Amazing. It’s like the new Uptown wealthy millennial apartment playgrounds, but for suburban family people like me. There goes 3 hours of my day researching homes…” – J

“New job search: ‘lifestyle coordinator” – A

“1900 homes? If I wanted to be able to hear my neighbor poop, I’d still live in Uptown. Currently trying to buy in Union County, but not to be crammed into a community like this.” – C

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