23 must-try soups in Charlotte

23 must-try soups in Charlotte
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Ever crave a comforting bowl of soup? Or maybe you’re just stuck on “good soup” TikTok.

Here’s a list of 23 must-try soups in Charlotte, listed in no particular order.

Honorable mentions: The Palm’s lobster bisque, Pio Pio’s chicken soup, Dandelion Market’s tomato soup, 131 Main’s artichoke, and mushroom soups, and Cafe Monte’s French onion soup.

(1) Baked French Onion Soup – 300 East

Baked provolone with croutons for $6.75.

(2) Lobster Bisque – BrickTop’s

This $12 soup with fresh Maine lobster, cream, and brandy is a huge hit in SouthPark. The lobster comes in alive to the restaurant every morning — that’s how fresh it is.



(3) Tom Yum Soup – Thai Taste

It’s a slightly sour, spicy soup with herbs, tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, and mushrooms.

Another top soup seller is Thai Taste’s Tom Kha, a coconut cream soup with mushrooms, green onions, tomatoes, galanga, cilantro, and lemongrass.

soup from thai taste charlotte

(4) Cauliflower Soup — Barrington’s

Priced at $17, this fancy soup is made with black winter truffles, poached lobster, chives, and truffle oil.

(5) Tonkotsu Ramen – Futo Buta

It’s made with pork bone broth, pecan smoked pork belly, scallions, organic mushroom, onsen egg, pickled ginger, nori, sesame, and black garlic.

Futo Buta offers eight different ramen bowls including other popular choices like their Miso Ramen, Fire & Ice Ramen, and Chizu Ramen.


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(6) She Crab Soup – Eddie’s Place

Eddie’s Place may be known for their breakfast all day, but the She Crab soup is a must-try. Pre-Covid, Eddie’s was serving up about 150-200 She Crab soups each day. It’s $7.50 for a bowl and comes with two giant pieces of warm salted bread — perfect for dipping.

(7) Bread Soup – Lincoln Haberdashery

It’s massive. This popular soup is made with chicken stock, tomato, onion, fennel, basil, extra virgin olive oil, basil, and soaked sourdough topped with parmesan. 

bread soup at lincoln haberdashery charlotte

(8) Sopa De Pollo – Viva Chicken

Pulled rotisserie chicken, homemade chicken broth, cilantro infused rice, green onions, red onions, red peppers, and cilantro.


(9) Chicken Tortilla Soup – Paco’s Tacos

Poached chicken, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, and chilis — garnished with avocado, lime, and a jalapeño.

(10) French Onion Soup — Crepe Cellar

Melted gruyère and crostini.

french onion crepe cellar soup

Photo courtesy of Meg Seitz/Crepe Cellar

(11) Curry Laska – CO

Shrimp, shredded chicken, bun rice noodles, shredded cucumber, Thai basil, and baby bok choy, served in a spicy coconut broth.


(12) Tomato Soup – Papi Queso

This tomato soup with tarragon cream obviously pairs well with a grilled cheese (try Papi’s burger melt grilled cheese).

tomato soup at papi queso charlotte

(13) New England Clam Chowdah – Moosehead Grill

Described as “wicked good,” this clam chowder is filled with big chunks of clam.


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(14) Chicken Noodle — Pasta & Provisions

If you’ve never bought a large frozen container of soup from Pasta & Provision, you can’t call yourself a soup lover.

Other soup options include their ham & hominy, pasta e Fagioli, Italian wedding, tomato bisque, vegetarian minestrone, and cioppino (seafood stew).


(15) Spicy Crab Soup – Alexander Michael’s Tavern

It’s thick and creamy with plenty of fresh crab.

Alexander Michael's Tavern


(16) Noble’s Tomato Basil Bisque – Rooster’s

When it’s got the owner’s last name in front of it, you know it’s going to be good. It’s served with goat cheese crostini.

tomato soup at roosters in charlotte

(17) Texas Chili — Lupie’s Cafe

They say it’s hot, and they mean it. Easily my favorite of Lupie’s four different chilis. It’s made with ground chuck but NO tomatoes, and it simmers in beer sauce for over six hours (which you can totally taste).

Lupie's texas chili

(18) Pho Dac Biet — Lang Van

Lang Van used to be a hidden gem on the east side of town, but now I feel like everybody knows this Vietnamese hotspot. If you’re new to pho, they’ll guide you to the pho dac biet, a huge bowl of beef noodle soup.

And yes, I consider pho a soup. Don’t @ me.

lang van pho

(19) Spicy Pork Ramen — Bao & Broth

Pork and chicken broth, Fresno chili paste, Cashe pork belly, Shoyu egg, and pickled ginger (love that additional flavor).

ramen at boa and bun charlotte optimist hall

(20) Exceptional Tortilla Soup – Cantina 1511

Traditional pulled chicken soup in a fresh vegetable broth, topped with Mexican cheese, tortilla chips, and fresh avocado.


(21) Nei Jiang Beef Noodles — The Dumpling Lady

Egg noodles with house-made beef stock, beef stew, bok choy, chives, and cilantro.

noodles at dumpling lady in charlotte

(22) Tokyo Shoyu – Wu Ron’s

You won’t be able to get ramen like this from a cup. It’s made with chicken broth, soy base, pork belly, bean sprouts, scallions, bamboo shoots, egg, and sesame seeds.

Wu Ron's Ramen

(23) Tomato soup – The Workman’s Friend

Classic tomato soup (pairs well with their grilled cheese).

The Workman's Friend tomato bisque

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