Lumberjaxe, the region’s first axe-throwing facility, is gearing up for an early November opening. Here’s your first look inside.

Lumberjaxe, the region’s first axe-throwing facility, is gearing up for an early November opening. Here’s your first look inside.
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The region’s first axe-throwing facility, Lumberjaxe, will open in Belmont the first weekend in November.

The new space, located at 933 Louise Avenue, is in addition to husband and wife duo Scott and Ashleigh Gadd’s refitted 1966 Continental pickup truck that allowed for two lanes at multiple mobile throwing events around the city for most of this year.

Owner Scott Gadd

This is the former site of the Kellogg’s factory, now home to Advent Coworking, Codescape and Catawba Brewing. The facility is just to the right of Catawba, next to its new Barrel Room.

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via Google Maps

The facility is just over 3,000 square feet, but is large enough to include five lanes, a few tables for eating and drinking and a bar when construction is finished.

When finished, each lane will have netting and a fence.

Though the city will likely cap the amount of people allowed inside at any given time at 140, Scott estimates that he and Ashleigh will keep it even smaller, around 100 throwers.

Throwers, who must be 18 and over, will be assigned to one of five lanes, which will run $20 per person per hour, and all equipment will be provided – just bring a pair of close-toed shoes.

Both reservations and walk-ins are welcome, but Gadd expects most throwers to reserve their spot first, and has installed an extra lane that will be kept open at all times in order to allow walk-ins to get a feel for the sport and learn to throw while they wait for a lane to free up.

Discounted rates for larger parties will also be available.

Both serious and casual throwers can rest assured that all aspects of Lumberjaxe’s business, down to axe weight and scoring, is up to the standards of the National Axe Throwing Federation.

Per the Lumberjaxe website: “During both private parties and league play, customers will participate in matches consisting of three rounds of five axe throws per play. Each lane consists of two targets where two customers will compete in head-to-head competition. Each customer will throw one axe at a time starting on or behind the throwing line that is 14’ from the target.”

While the bar won’t serve liquor, wine will be available and there will be a handful of local beers on tap.

Food won’t be available, either, but Gadd says that outside food will be welcome inside and that they’ll likely direct throwers to Catawba’s food trucks.

And, yes, the insurance situation is precisely what you think it is: Beyond expensive.

When asked about the insurance rates that come with mixing alcohol and axes, Gadd laughed and assured me rates – when they finally found someone to fully insure the business – are astronomical.

“In just the last year, they’ve raised the quote 60%,” he said, equating this to the fact that insurers likely didn’t know which number to start at, as places like this aren’t common throughout the U.S.

Tables were made from a tree that was struck by lightning in Gadd’s parents’ yard

Take a look around:

Lumberjaxe will open at 933 Louise Avenue the first weekend in November. Until then, you can connect on Facebook and Instagram.

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