Mailbag: Top 35 letters on tiny homes, cougars, affordable rent — and people hate my idea of a Whitewater Toddler play area

Mailbag: Top 35 letters on tiny homes, cougars, affordable rent — and people hate my idea of a Whitewater Toddler play area
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback, this is not close to everything (it’s about 4%), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: Get fit, get a drink and get social: A guide to 25 brewery fitness classes, sorted by activity and day

“I know it’s becoming very popular for breweries & bars to have fitness classes that include a beer or mimosa, but drinking alcohol immediately after a workout basically negates the whole workout. In extreme cases, some people even get rhabdomyolysis, which is muscle degeneration that leads to kidney failure. People who work out and drink after are at an increased risk of developing this condition. A few medical professionals in my circle agree that there has been an increased amount of diagnoses of rhabdomyolysis since working out and drinking became popular.” – D

In response to: Hour-by-hour look into the average lake weekend for a family of 4 in Cornelius


“The line — ‘Lake cougars are a unique species of cougar’— No truer words have ever been spoken.” – R

“Seriously, I can’t remember when I laughed this hard. So familiar, and yet I’ve never been to Cornelius. I do have 3 kids under 5 though, so yeah, this article hit home!” – C

“OMG. Easily one of the most depressing pieces I have ever read on Agenda EVER. I hope he has a good divorce lawyer on his speed dial.” – F

Jon’s response (author): “I haven’t had anyone on speed dial since 2004 ;)”

In response to: New tiny home community in northwest Charlotte draws 1,500+ people to its two-day open house

“I went and found the turn out to be extremely diverse. Economically and ethnically. I love the concept and think it’s great for this builder to take a risk.” – C

“Did that many people see it because they’re interested in a ‘tiny house’ or because they’re interested in affordable housing? $89k for an actual new home is way cheaper than what most homes in this area are going for.” – L

“What do you do in a tiny house when your dog farts?” – N

“The ‘wonderful’ tiny house project comes with some problems with neighbors who don’t like the idea of these tiny houses crammed into a community, no discussion, city can’t answer any of our questions because they have not received any plans to approve, and reading that they have received numerous $4,000 non-refundable deposits. 56 tiny houses with a questionable, unknown builder is not something that I want in my neighborhood, instead of 1 house beside me, according to their published map on their website I will have 7, backed up to my property line.” – C

“You can have one built for about 10-12k , somebody is trying to make a killing.” – M

“I used to live right down the street, and watched this house get built. I know Tiny House LLC owns two lots totaling .48 acres with the Curries owning 20 or so acres around it which is mostly in between people’s back yards. Is Tiny House LLC taking deposits on land that they don’t own? Is there a purchase contract in the works?” – M

In response to: Affordable rent in Charlotte is a math problem that doesn’t work

“News Flash! It cost money to live and some places are more expensive than others. Just how most people couldn’t afford to live in Manhattan or Beverly Hills, there are also people who can’t afford to live in some parts of Charlotte. And those people should have to look for housing elsewhere. If not, I’d like to propose that we take taxpayer money and start community meetings to discuss how to build affordable lakefront housing on Lake Norman so that I can live there… because that is where I want to live and maybe it should be my right to do so, even if someone else has to pay for it.” – A

“How depressing to have the CEO of the Greater Charlotte Apartment Association say that the affordable housing problem can’t be solved! And how clever of him to offer eliminating rezoning requests as a solution. I am sure the developers would love that. This city can’t function if everyone has to make $50,000 a year to live here. It’s time for officials to come up with innovative solutions. It’s clear the private sector is not going to try to solve the problem if it means even the slightest impact to their profits.” – K

In response to: The Whitewater Center should invest in activities for toddlers

“Get a sitter.” – T

“No. Just no. Not everywhere is appropriate or needs to be toddler friendly.” – D

“Not. Everything. Needs. To. Accommodate. Your. Kids.” – S

I’m sure you can find a brewery to take your toddler to. The Whitewater Center is just fine the way it is. – A

“It’s not a daycare!! Get over it.” – B

“I used to work at the center and a few years back a little girl fell into the channel. It’s scary to witness, this isn’t a place for little kids.” – K

“My main problem is not running over children on my mountain bike.” – W

“I got stuck on one of the advanced ropes courses the other day for about twenty minutes because someone let their six year old get on it. People already ruin movies by bringing younger kids let’s not ruin the WWC. Get a babysitter or don’t come.” – J

“100% agree with this article. I’m also upset there is nothing for my toddler to do at my local cigar shop during cigar club and the instructors won’t let him jump in at my MMA class.” – B

“WWC is a blast for toddlers if planned right. We always meet friends there, take sidewalk chalk, a strider bike, balls to play with, etc. WWC is not a free park, and most people aren’t willing to drop $50 on an activity pass for their 2 year old, so if you want hang out, plan ahead.” – E

“The Whitewater Center is just fine without toddler activities. But Ray’s Splash Planet and the Discovery Center really need more activities for adults.” – M

“Olde Meck needs more activities for toddlers. I tried to do beer yoga with my son and they said he couldn’t drink. Disgraceful!” – A

“Please stop taking your small irritating child there … and breweries too unless it’s before 7 p.m. Then they want to be in the damned bed where they belong. Plenty plenty plenty of places for small children. It’s called sacrifice for a few years.” – C

“Not everything needs to be geared towards toddlers. There are plenty of other activities available for you to do with your child. It’s actually nice to have something for older children, teens and adults.” – A

“Parents — The world wasn’t built for your child. Embrace that. Don’t worry, there are still so many other ways for you to force your dead dreams on them and live vicariously through their experiences.” – R

“It is county property. It is a non profit. It is supposedly community oriented. Why is the idea of putting $20,000 into some kind of a play area such a foreign and resisted concept?” – K

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending in Charlotte on a $105,000 salary

“Only 23 years old? WTF have I done with my decisions…” – J

“I stopped reading after $26/mo for t shirt of the month…” – L

In response to: Best sushi in Charlotte? Here’s the definitive ranking of Charlotte’s top 10 sushi spots

“New life goal is to go everywhere on this list. Also, I think New Zealand should be #1 but I’m biased.” – F

“No Musashi?! Anyone can buy precut frozen fish and use sushi rice base for their rice… a few do… IMHO once if it has mayo, ‘crunchies’, hot sauce, tempura batter, etc on it, it’s really just gas station sushi.” – B

“A list without Yama is laughable.” – A

“So glad New Zealand Cafe made it on here. It’s the best.” – M

“How can i trust this list if Akahana isn’t on there. Who can beat buy one get one free on every roll, every day. And good rolls too!” – A

In response to: 6 spots for a mani/pedi in Charlotte according to what you want

“I’d recommend finding an alternative for your cheap and fast pick…” – M

“I LOVE the Daily Details.” – S

In response to: Does Lake Norman regret booting Pat McCrory from office?

“As a Lake Norman area voter, I can confidently say: Pat McCrory can kiss my ass.” – D

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