Client Services Manager

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Only 3% of companies ever get bigger than $10 million. They have great people, strategy and cash. But, their growth provides a unique challenge – complexity. They have to manage an exponentially larger number of priorities and people. With multiple layers and lots of opportunities to grow, it gets increasingly difficult to get your team on the same page.

Rhythm Software with Consulting makes sure every person understands the company’s strategy and priorities and is working on the right things to achieve them.
We have a dynamic opportunity for someone who loves to go the 2nd mile, is a lifelong learner and strongly believes that success comes from helping others succeed.

As Client Services Manager, you will use your strong technical skills to provide technical, administrative and training support for our clients and the consulting team in a way that maximizes productivity and ensures the best possible experience for the client.

The role:
• Provide Rhythm Software Support by maintaining the Rhythm help desk, troubleshooting system issues for clients and consultants and providing system admin support for clients.
• Conduct Rhythm Software client training calls, including new client software training, cascade team training, new software feature training and special topic training call.
• Help ensure a great client experience during every touch point with Rhythm Systems.
• Be responsible for welcoming and on-boarding new clients by providing a positive first impression from the consulting team, gathering information, setting up client accounts, adding client information to all internal systems and communicating and managing logistics for all client sessions.
• Provide Consulting Team support by managing internal team processes, identifying ways to maximize the team’s overall productivity, managing logistics for team meetings, coordinating travel, scheduling client calls and filling in on client calls when needed.
• Provide Company/Office Support by ordering supplies, managing mail, fulfilling shipping, managing company and CEO calendar and preparing for company meetings.
• Provide internal IT support to company employees as needed.
• Enthusiastically contribute to the growth of the company by accepting other responsibilities as needed.

Required skills:
• Have a natural inclination to go the 2nd mile for clients and team mates.
• Have the ability to learn new technologies quickly and resolve technical issues independently.
• Have the ability to diagnose technical problems and clearly communicate solutions.
• Have the ability to quickly learn, simplify, adopt and teach complex concepts and methods.
• Have a spirit of hospitality and service with a strong desire to assist others and solve problems.
• Have the ability to gain a complete understanding of Rhythm methodology, software, products and processes.
• Possess strong organization and time management skills and be able to manage multiple projects and interruptions.
• Have strong written, verbal and listening communication skills.
• Be comfortable and experienced with administering and maintaining web based software systems (i.e. HubSpot, Salesforce, Podio, etc).
• Have a strong understanding of web browsers and internet technologies.
• Possess the ability to troubleshoot browser and internet connectivity issues for clients using our software.
• Have the ability to support basic office IT environment (i.e. Wi-Fi connections, client set-up, printer connectivity, etc).
• Possess basic project management capabilities.